There is Nothing Worse than Me Right after Booking a Cruise

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So does anyone else just have a full on mental breakdown and book a cruise? Nope? Just me? That’s cool.

The conversation with Ashley-Michelle on January 15th when I woke her up with a phone call:

ME: Okay, I’m having a meltdown, do you think you’ll have cruise money by this deadline?

HER: Yeah, for sure.

ME: Okay cool because I already booked us on this cruise leaving May 18th.

HER: Okay.


We are currently 96 days away from our sailing date and it’s becoming very obvious to me that everyone in my life is already sick of hearing about my trip. I have a feeling that it’s because I have no stopped talking about it since I hit the “BOOK” button.

Despite my countdown, I’ve actually been pretty quiet but I just booked our drink package (always get the drink package) and some other minor things for our trip and now my excitement is revitalized. It has been a particularly shitty week (more on that to come eventually) and I need something to keep my head above water. So I snagged a deal on stuff.

Of course, now I’m trying to convince my sister that we need to cruise together again in August since there’s some decently priced trips then. Maybe Ashley-Michelle and I will just go again. Who knows. I’ve got a savings account dedicated to my next cruise. They usually offer pretty good deals if you book on the ship so we might do that. And by “might” I mean we already have a sailing in mind that we want to book in January of next year.


So I guess the moral of this story is… be prepared for a lot of posts about cruising because lord knows I’m addicted and super annoying about it!

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