My Cat Is Prettier Than I’ll Ever Be


I’m not going to say my cats are useless because they are actually pretty good at… being cats. I mean each of them is a wonderful cuddle-buddy on those cold and lonely nights. They’re always around the make me laugh (Guinness is often terrible at jumping onto counters and is notorious for the jumping headfirst into cabinets).

Lemon is particularly unhelpful when it comes to cleaning. Like I mentioned, I spent Sunday working around the house and Lemon tried to help by constantly being in my way. She’s good like that.

At one point I was sitting on the floor in the corner of my room- for no real reason, that’s just where I ended up- Lemon was sitting on my bed. I should mention that she was a pain in the ass during the whole bed-making process. What the hell is it with cats just HAVING to be on the bed while you are putting on sheets and then getting pissed when you throw a blanket over them because they refuse to move… cats are weird.

But then she started being cute and fell asleep and naturally I took a ton a photos for the world to enjoy so… you’re welcome world:





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