There is a General Lack of Kitten in my Office

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Well today is a sad day.

For the past five days my office has been home to a small stray kitten. One of the actors that works here rescued her after she has seen the little thing hanging around her apartment building. She was an adorable little spooky kitty and I immediately fell in love without a second thought.


Because we have two very large cats that live in the office space full time, it was decided that she would be safest locked in my office where there is also less for her to get into. And we had fallen in love so it was pretty much a match made in heaven.

Needless to say, my productivity has gone downhill significantly the past few days because… kitten. That and everyone and their brother kept popping in to visit her and that just lead to more adoring the kitten.



My initial instinct was to just take her home and love her forever and ever. But I already have three cats there and bringing a new cat, much less a kitten, can be a pain. I resisted.

One of my co-workers had recently lost her cat and was giving serious thought to taking her home but had to talk to her partner about it. I offered to be second on the list in case that fell through. I couldn’t let a black cat head to a shelter this close to Halloween. Wasn’t going to happen.

Needless to say, the wait list for this little angel grew rather quick and we knew that she was going to be taken care of no matter what.


There was some hemming and hawing as that what was going to happen but no one was hearing any complaints from me. I had an adorable little office mate to hang out with and life was grand. It was a bit sad because I had to keep my office door shut so people forgot I was there, but again, cute little kitten.

But then the time came. Last night after I left to head to HHN, my co-worker finished her shift and took the little nugget home. Part of me knew the day was coming and quick but I thought maybe I was going to have at least one more day with her.

Alas, when I came in this morning and opened my office door, there was a general lack of kitten in my life.

It’s probably for the best that it happened quick like a bandaid because I probably would have been sadder if there was a prolonged goodbye. It’s just a bummer because now I have no kitten to play with. The office cats are super pissed at me because a) my door has been closed for days and they couldn’t come hang with me and b) because my office smells like a strange cat. The one that normally hangs out on my desk to look out my window won’t come anywhere near me.

This is what rejection feels like.

I miss my kitten.


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