I Would Be the Most Obnoxious Neighbor Ever

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Some friends of mine recently purchased their first home and are super excited to have a yard. With the best holiday in the world coming upon us (Halloween in case you didn’t know) they are looking at the possibilities of having a yard to make AMAZING.

Naturally I ended up getting in on the conversation on Facebook because Halloween is the best and I really want nothing more than to have a giant yard to spend ridiculous amounts of money on for the holiday seasons. Primarily Halloween and Christmas.

When I lived up north there was a house I would drive by all the time in Beverly, MA who would have decorations out year-round for every holiday and season. They are my spirit animals. I would likely be that guy.

My hunting while chatting Halloween decorations has lead me to find some adorable things that I feel the need to share with everyone.  If I had the time, energy, money and a yard- this is the crap that would be all over it.

Considering how early I tend to decorate for the fall (my Halloween decorations went up at home on the 13th of this month) my neighbors would likely hate me and I wouldn’t care. I’ve included links as to where to find them.

You’re welcome world.

Glowing Witch Hat Decorations

Apparently these are new this year and HOW AWESOME ARE THEY? I could totally see these hanging all over the front yard and I love them so damn much.Decor001

They are rated five stars on Amazon! Check them out here!

Garage Door, Archway, Car Monster Face

Turn anything into a giant monster! What could go wrong. The temptation to add these to my car for the spooky season is very real! If my HOA wasn’t so horrible I’d add them to my doorway for the season but they are super cranky pants about EVERYTHING so I’m not going to risk it. The car might happen though.


There are no reviews on this particular set, but others like it are rated 4 stars! Check it out on Amazon!

Giant Dense Spider Web with Super Stretch Cobweb Set

I’m not a fan of regular spiders but when it comes to Halloween- BRING EM ON! These massive spider webs are AMAZING! Why aren’t they in your front yard right now?


The reviewers love them so they are worth checking out for sure!

Baby Skeleton Yard Decoration 

Okay- typically, I am not a fan of inflatable decorations but this and the ones that follow, I find to be PAINFULLY amazing and they would be all over my front yard in the blink of an eye. Look at this little nugget!!


You can find this adorable little skeleton here!

 Inflatable Blow Up Ghost 

This guy is essential just me. If I were a ghost and then turned into a yard decoration, here I am. I love this stupid guy and the stupid face he has!


If anyone feels like buying him for me so he can live in my office year-round, here’s where to find him!

Inflatable Ghost

Because I am not me if I’m not with Ashley-Michelle, here is her doppelganger who can also come live with me!


If you don’t love this stupid little ghost, I assume there’s something wrong with you. Here’s where you can find this nugget!

 Inflatable Blow Up Pumpkin Skeleton 



Start building your army of pumpkin skeletons now!

6 Foot Tall Halloween Inflatable Skeleton Dinosaur 

I have save the best for last. Once I saw this thing I fell in love and I’m sad that I don’t have a yard where this beautiful nugget could just live and be wonderful any time of the year because OMG HOW PERFECT IS HE?!?!?!?


Buy one for me. Buy one for a friend. BUY ALL OF THEM NOW!!!

So there you have it. There was more but I toned myself down for the purposes of this post. Granted, I have a feeling this isn’t how these types of posts are supposed to go but here we are.

Go buy all these things and then send me photos of them because right now it’s just not meant to be for us to be together….


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