Halloween Horror Nights 29: Let’s Get Totally Spooky

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I have yet to make mention of Halloween Horror Nights once on this blog in 2019 and I feel like I deserve some kind of medal for that. Or not. I’m not sure how medals work.

This isn’t a Halloween Horror Nights blog though I’m sure sometimes it feels that way, especially since it’s the one thing I look forward to every year. This year especially since I have some big plans for how I plan to approach the event this year.

That sounds ominous.


There have been several announcements made about the event in terms of houses, and we now know about four of the ten houses.

Not surprisingly, Stranger Things will be returning for a second year with the house featuring scenes from season 2 along with the yet-to-be-released season 3 which comes to Netflix on July 4th, well before the event begins.

Speaking of which- dates of the event. There is a lot of them. I’ll admit that I’m a bit pissed that Universal dropped the ball on beginning the event on Friday September 13th. Instead, the whole shindig will begin the week prior on September 6th and run through November 2nd. Given the popularity of the event last year this makes sense… but COME ON! Friday the 13th.


Back to houses.

The remaining three known houses are original mazes. In April we learned of the return of the Nightingales, blood thirsty creatures as old as time. I’m not familiar with them as I didn’t attend HHN21 but I’m cautiously optimistic for the house which is going to be set in ancient Rome.


Next up is Depths of Fear which I’m actually excited about. The original houses have outshined the IPs over the last couple years and this one sounds fun. Here’s the announcement from Universal that describes the house:

“The workers of a deep-sea mining company have found themselves in a dire situation. They’ve delved too deep and encountered a parasitic race of creatures that turn out to be deadly. Panic ensues as you find yourself encountering infected miners and acidic creatures. The pressure builds as the self-destruct sequence counts down to the inevitable implosion of the facility.


As you venture further into the depths, you’ll encounter the creatures known only as the “Mouthbrooders.” Picture being trapped in a claustrophobic mining installation underwater with a countless number of these slithering monsters. Your worst nightmares will come to life as these fiends spew flesh-eating acidic eggs at human hosts, and you witness miners being driven mad by the infection.”

So yeah, I’m on board.


The last announcement house that has been announced is “Universal Monsters” which had been a house in Hollywood last year and apparently did well enough for Orlando to give it a shot (and probably do it better—sorry, ya’ll know how I feel about Hollywood’s event…)

I’m looking forward to this house as I am a fan of the Universal Classics and I’m excited to see them come to life.

So that’s my quick update for those who, for some inexplicable reason, come to me for HHN updates. I’m going to be posting more on the subject soon since some interesting rumors have been swirling my way and I’m too excited not to chat about them!


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