My Plate Is Full But I’ll Go Ahead and Take Seconds


Summer has arrived in Orlando and, as a result, everyone is amping up hiring to deal with the impending flood of tourists. My place of employment is no exception and therefore I’ve been doing a lot of training as of late. It’s sometimes fun and sometimes stressful but it’s life.

It’s also exhausting. I’m working two jobs right now and most days I’m running from one to the other. On top of that, I’m working on promoting “You’re Doing It Wrong”, keeping my blog updated (which I’m not doing so great on… sorry), working on my next book, and sometimes sleeping.

During one of the many days when I was working both jobs and running all over the place, one of my trainees asked, “Do you ever have a moment to stop?”



I don’t know what that is to be honest.

I’m reminded of when I was in college where I was just constantly on the go.  I was working full-time, taking on a full-time course load, working in the theatre department and was on the executive board for several groups on campus- and sometimes I would sleep in the in between time. Actually, I was notorious for sleeping either in my car or sometimes in my office on campus. It was exhausting but I loved every second of it.

I guess the only real difference now is that I’m getting paid for it? For the most part? I think I’m winning.


According to an article I stupidly just decided to read, I have a busyness addiction, and I’m using being crazy busy as an excuse to ignore bigger problems in my life…


This is why I don’t google things, I don’t want to know the truth. I’m the baby in Baby’s Day Out, I just want to be blissfully unaware. Thanks.

This whole post has already gone off the rails of what I was planning to talk about. Because I’m me. I don’t know why I’m surprised by this.

Anyway- with all this stuff I’ve got going on you’d think I’d like to settle down and get some rest and you’d probably be right. Even at this moment, I’d really like to just take a nap. But I want to take over the world, and that’s going to take priority.

So there’s looking at what’s coming next. For the longest time many people have been trying to push me towards the world of podcasting. I’m not sure why but the whole idea didn’t really seem all that appealing to me an as a result I’ve sort of shunned the whole idea. Lately, though, the word has been thrown around again and I’ve decided to look into it.

I actually blame Chelsea Handler for this. I really enjoy her and I’ve missed seeing her on a regular show. I was hoping to see her on tour when she came to this area around my birthday but it wasn’t in the cards for me financially so I skipped. I did, however, decide to start listening to her limited series podcast.

Once people found out I was listening to a podcast they started throwing other my way that they thought I would enjoy. Why not?

As I listened to more and more, I couldn’t help but think, “hey, I could do this.”


So here we are. I’ve been chatting with Ashley-Michelle about the idea of co-hosting a podcast and she’s totally on board. Matter of fact we chatted about it today over lunch and I’m super excited about the whole thing.

I’m not really look at it as yet another thing on my plate but an opportunity to expand my creative horizons. It’s another form of storytelling and a great way to start playing with ideas for everything especially as I’m working on my next books. What stories are fun to tell and even what new stories could be created.

So I guess this is serving as my little announcement that very soon you can not only read my nonsense, but you’ll be able to listen to me babble on about stuff as well!

It’s really a win for everyone. You’re welcome world.

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    1. Much like my blog, it won’t have a set theme other than just being a fun look at life but through conversations rather than just me aimlessly writing. We are working on show ideas now and have some fun stuff on the agenda!

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