The Rise and Fall of the 800-Year Old Swamp Witch

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It’s Sunday, already? How the ever-loving hell did that happen? This time last week I was freaking out about my book being born into the world and now it has happened! If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, you probably should. You can do that by clicking here. It’s okay, I’ll wait.


Things were a bit bumpy on release day as the paperback edition ran into an odd delay upon release but we got there. Friends and my fans (all three of them) were ready to rock and get their copy ordered. I really wish that I had the money to throw behind an advertising campaign for the book but alas, I don’t. But the word of mouth from friends and others has been amazing and the reviews of the book have been really positive. Here’s a couple!

Screenshot_20190519-015749_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Screenshot_20190519-015732_Amazon Shopping.jpg

So, when you’re done ready your copy, but sure to share your thoughts with friends and your book club and then leave a review!


To keep my mind off the madness of release day, Ashley-Michelle and I went to my favorite breakfast place at Disney followed by a trip to Magic Kingdom. I haven’t been to Disney in forever so it was loads of fun to hang out. We were caught in a Florida Monsoon, naturally, which kept us under cover for a while but then the weather let up and we got to enjoy the day.

Out first stop was to Pirates of the Caribbean since I hadn’t been on it since they changed The Red Head into a pirate. I don’t get why people were so cranky about it, I enjoyed the changes.  I did miss the mermaid skeletons in one of the first scenes, but other than that, I enjoy the ride.

After the Festival of Fantasy Parade, Kevin joined us for some shenanigans and we went to meet some princesses. It was a lot of fun because the princesses were on board with our shenanigans and there was a lot of laughing on all parts.

We also went to see Mickey and Minnie and I have no words to describe the nonsense that went on during our meet and greet. There was A LOT of laughter. These photos best show some of the moments. The first being Mickey’s take to the camera as I was flirting with Minnie.


Next was when Mickey doubled over with laughter as we all lost minds. After Mickey got jealous of my flirting with Minnie, I offered up Ashley-Michelle as a consolation prize. He started to take me up but changed his mind and ran back to Minnie. I asked Ashley-Michelle how that felt and she replied, “TYPICAL” which caused everyone in the room to just die.


And then we all died.


Next up came a trip to the Haunted Mansion. I really love this ride so I was excited that we had fast passes for it. We got right in and I was pumped to visit the happy haunts. As we got to the ride vehicles, Ashley-Michelle asked how we wanted to split up. Not thinking it through, I decided that three grown-ass adults would definitely fit in the doom buggy.

Spoiler alert: we didn’t.

With all three of us wedged into the buggy, we were in for an uncomfortable but hilarious ride.


All said and done, release date was a success and I didn’t has as many freak outs as I had anticipated.

And I got to see Donald Duck.

So life was good.


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