And They Call it Puppy Love

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I realize I have been very silent on here the last week or so. Things were a bit crazy with the race and, if I’m being honest, with the attention I received once my post about the dog in the car got around. Over the past week I’ve seen the best and worst of people and part of that caused me to want to take a step back from everything and recompose.

First I’ll offer an update since a lot of people have been asking for one.

Following my post on twitter and my blog post, the Mayor of Orlando responded and asked that I give him the details in an e-mail. This e-mail was forwarded on to the Orlando Police Department and from there a Lieutenant personally reached out by phone.

He and I had a really great conversation regarding the incident and he took the time to actually listen to me as well as explain things from their end. While he couldn’t speak for Universal Studio, he did apologize for the lack of empathy from the responding officer. He agreed that things could have and should have been handled differently.

He explained that he had reached out to Orlando Animal Control and discussed the details of the situation and everyone was in agreement that, while leaving an animal in a car for any length of time, especially to go visit a theme park, is a disgusting act- given the weather and other circumstances, it is likely that no action would have been taken.

We discussed the Orange County Law and he agreed that it is vague at best.

We talked about a lot of different things and I have notes from the whole thing. As far as we are all concerned this chapter has ended. No action will be taken against the owners who had left their dog in the car. It’s disappointing and heartbreaking, but that’s the final word.

However, I’m not done.

I have been doing some research and plan on reaching out to animal rights groups to help create better laws. I would also like to see some changes at the local theme parks. Signage not only advertising kennel services but also some warnings about leaving animals in car.  Even with windows cracked, the interior of a car can reach insane temperatures in as little as 30 minutes.

That all said, let’s talk about what else has been going on.

You can’t have a post, tweet, and facebook post go viral without the trolls coming out the play. While many people have agreed with me that the dog should have been removed and the owners fined- other’s not so much. And that’s totally fine. We all have our opinions.

But unless you were there you don’t get to Monday-morning Quarterback my decisions and actions. I did what I thought was right in that situation and I have no regrets about putting that family and those involved on blast. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I will continue to visit Universal, matter of fact I was there with friends the following day. While I wish they had handled things differently, I accept their position and policies. I hope they reevaluate them but that’s not up to me.

Then there are the trolls that have been coming for me. Things have calmed down since I haven’t responded to any of them and I haven’t allowed their comments on here to be published.

Over the past week I’ve been called mentally unstable, was told I made the whole thing worse, that I should have minded my own business and that I was just another crazy person flaunting “white privilege.”

It’s been an interesting week.

I feel like I want to say more but I’m just ready to move past all of this and get back to life as normal. Well, as normal as things could be for me.

So that’s that.

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