Once Upon A Time in New York City

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Today, if you didn’t know, is a magical day for runners. It’s New York City Marathon Day.

Well, the marathon isn’t being run today, but it’s lottery day.

If you’re not familiar, there’s a bit of a process of singing up for the New York Marathon that involves a lot of praying to whatever deity that pleases you. There is a lottery for runners that you pay to enter. If I remember correctly (which I probably don’t) I paid $11 for my entry.

Once you’ve bought your lotto, it becomes a waiting game.

If you’re me, it’s a waiting game that you forgot that you were playing.


2016 was a big running year for me as I ran my first marathon at Disney in January and had entered in the lottos for both Chicago and New York. In addition I was running Dark Side in Disney World, Disneyland and Avengers Half Marathons in Disneyland and a wide selection of local races and challenges.

I found out that I was running the New York City Marathon in the most hilariously stupid way possible.

Because I’m me.


I woke up on the morning of results day, none the wiser of my selection. The order of events on results day is first they charge the card you put on file- if the card is declined you lose your spot and don’t get accepted. If the card goes through, you’re good and your status is first announced on the web site and then eventually you get an email saying that you’re in.

But that charge comes first.

So when I checked my bank account and saw a near $300 charge on my account, I freaked the hell out. The line description on the charge was something funky and I knew I hadn’t done any big purchasing in the last few days so I was in a panic.

I called my bank and went through the process of mildly freaking out. They were able to see more information than me.

“The charge is coming from New York Road Runners in New York City, does that sound familiar to you?” the operator asked in a bland monotone.

“Oh my god, OH MY GOD.”


“I’m in! This means I’m in for the New York City Marathon!!” I said through tears of pure joy.

“Sir, did you authorize this purchase?” Sill monotone and not getting how exciting this was.


“Sir. Do you want to contest this charge?” She really wasn’t getting just how exciting this was for me. I really didn’t get what she wasn’t getting about this.


“Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

She really wasn’t willing to celebrate with me and for that I will never forgive her.


Following the advice from friends, I immediately booked a hotel for the race weekend since cheap ones tend to get gobbled up quick once the lotto results start coming in.

Without even getting out of bed, I had been selected to run the New York City Marathon, booked a hotel room and my flights and was excited for the race of a lifetime.


The funny part was, at this point, my manager had been trying for three years to get in on the race and hadn’t been selected. I got into both Chicago and New York on my first try. I texted her this morning to see if she got in this year and, sadly, she did not.

Maybe we’ll both enter in 2020 and she’ll have better luck!

Anyway, that’s my quick little story for today.

Congrats to everyone who will be running in November!!

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