Love Home and Planet; or, Getting Naturally Clean

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So, as ya’ll may remember, I am a product tester for Influenster and it is a ton a fun! The latest round of products came from Love, Home and Planet and it has been an interesting ride. Prior to receiving my box, I got an email from Influester with the subject “Prepare to post like a lifestyle blogger!”


In the past I’ve received food items (the best) and self-care items like soap, razors and even some fancy cologne. Pretty much Influenster wants me fat but presentable and this is something that I can very much get behind.

This box was a little bit different because it said, “hey, bout time you do that spring cleaning you talked about doing last year and it’s now winter and it looks like a bomb went off in your house.”

I mean, that’s cool too.


The package arrived over the weekend and I decided I was going to wait until one of my days off to actually dive into it since I wanted to give it my full and undivided attention as that is what a lifestyle blogger would do… right? I really don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of blogger I am. Is “Crazy Cat Lady” a niche? It should be.

Speaking of cats, it would turn out that Lemon didn’t appreciate my desire to put off opening up my new products and to express her displeasure she decided that the best course of action would be to throw up on my bed, while I was in it, and also half-asleep.

Honestly, if this is what lifestyle bloggers put up with, I really want nothing to do with it.


As luck would have it I was out of my regular laundry detergent because WHY WOULDN’T I BE?!

Goodbye dreams of doing a cute unboxing video for all of my adoring and curious fans… (let’s be real, I have never and likely will never have the time, energy or patience for an unboxing video. I’m like a child on Christmas and I have no tact when it comes to ripping goodies open to see what’s inside.)

Inside was some Lavender & Argan Oil Cleaning Spray, laundry detergent of the same variety and come cute little pins that I’m fairly certain I have already lost. Because I’m great at this. (Some people also got dish soap… I didn’t get dish soap. I’m not bitter but I’m also less inclined to do dishes now… they deserve to smell pretty too.)


I set about getting things washed so when I came home from work I’d have vomit-free sheets to sleep on that night. This is about as adult as I would get for the day because if you’re thinking I decided to use this time, now that I was awake, to get things done around the house, you would be wrong. If you think that I just transferred my tired self to the couch to continue sleeping the day away before work, then 10 points to whatever Harry Potter house you belong to.


With the sheets transferred to the dryer I was off to work, not looking forward to getting home at 1am exhausted and having to make my bed.

Thanks Lemon, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Sure enough I didn’t get home until late and set about getting the bed together. I showered, at some dinner, and settled in for the night. Yes, I was eating dinner at 1 in the morning because I’m a bartender and that’s the terrible life I live. I’m a night-owl at the best of times anyway so this is just my norm.

Am I lifestyle blogging yet?


Soon it was time for some shut eye so I sauntered into my room, ready to pass out.

Crawling into bed was nothing short of magical. Not just because I was exhausted but because of how fresh everything was. It was like laying in a field of lavender… or so I’d imagine. I’ve never actually found myself in a field of lavender but I was born and raised in California where we had endless fields of poppies so… close enough? I mean, I don’t think I ever actually found myself laying in the fields of poppies because I watched Wizard of Oz too many times and was afraid I’d fall into an endless sleep if I ventured too far.

But I mean, getting into bed was really nice!

I’ve since done a few loads of clothes with my new detergent and have been enjoying the compliments when people sniff me and express how nice I smell. I mean, I honestly have no idea why my co-workers enjoy smelling me and I’m a little hurt when they comment on it with an air of surprise in their voice. Maybe they expect me to smell bad? Do I give off that vibe?

These must be the questions that lifestyle bloggers find themselves asking constantly and I honestly pity them for having to live in such a state of existential crisis. I mean, I’m constantly living in a state of existential crisis but I feel like it’s for different reasons. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’ve been a lifestyle blogger this entire time.


My day off finally came a few days later and it was time to get to cleaning. It was my first day off since the new year and, per tradition, it was time to remove my Christmas decorations. I also made the mistake of allowing myself to be talked into checking our Marie Kondo on Netflix so suddenly I was like… really cleaning. And by that I decided that nothing brings me joy and just started throwing things away.

My favorite part is when I moved my complete LEGO sets roughly ten millions times just to put them back in the place where they started.

So I’ve got that going for me.

I gave up on having an organized living space and settled for just having a clean one.

I gave the cleaning spray a go and found myself met with that same pleasant smell. I was starting to think that Julie Andrews was on to something when it came to spinning around in fields. It smells good. I mean, I’d imagine so. I really don’t know. I just like when my house smells good. What made this better was that there wasn’t that horrid chemical smell like most cleaners have and what lingered was the flowers and not a stench of hospital grade cleaner.


So there’s that.

Now, if you’re thinking that logo looks familiar, it’s because the same brand is behind a line of all-natural beauty products. Like them, the Home line is made with the same care of the planet. The formulas behind the cleaning products are plant-based and are packed in bottles that are at least 80% recycled and are themselves recyclable.

As of right now it doesn’t look like the HOME line is available to the general public quite yet but I’d imagine the beauty products are worth checking out as well! Check out the shop on Amazon if you dare!

I am inclined to mention that the opinions above are my own and I received this products complimentary from Influenster and Love, Home and Planet for testing purposes. No cats were harmed in the writing of this post, though my sheets are still a bit gun-shy whenever Lemon jumps up on the bed.

If you’d like to join the Influesnster community and earn the chance to receive fun stuff in the mail, check them out here!

Lastly, let’s appreciate Lemon crashing the photoshoot we were having for instagram posts. She’s such a brat but I love her.


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