Instant Blogger, Just Add Food

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I learned a powerful lesson about blogging yesterday and that was that you should never do it on an empty stomach. I was writing while quite hangry yesterday and it resulted in a very interesting post that I refused to delete and leave alone. I was in some kind of mood and I stand by it.

I promise I went and got food shortly after I hit publish.

I will be completely honest, if it wasn’t apparent, I’ve been painfully frustrated the past couple weeks and I know it’s carrying over into many aspects of my life. Some things I’ve written about here and many more I have not. There are a number of things that I will not post in a public forum as a general rule.

When it comes to work stuff, I keep it on the surface because of reasons I’ve mentioned before and that comes from people trying to get a little too close (read: stalkers). I also do my best to respect the social media policy we have in place. I feel like, in the restaurant business, there’s a thin line to walk when it comes to talking about work. Crazy guests, crazy co-workers, and just general craziness. I’m not willing to straddle that line and risk going all the way over.

I promise those stories will come someday but that will be long after I hang up my apron and walk away from that life. I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’ve got a folder of stories typed and ready to go. I’m not normally a write-in-advance blogger but damn it those bad boys are ready to go! And I have shared some stories recently though they are just scratching the surface of what’s to come.


I also don’t write about problems that I’m having with people in my life. This past year has been an interesting run of relationships beginning, ending and everything in between. There have been some struggles and harsh words or, in some cases, no words at all.

I’m not going to drag those issues into this world. It’s only fair to them and it’s only fair to me.


I have been struggling to keep a forward focus. So much lately, I feel like I’m being dragged backwards by so many things. This has forced me to let go of so much in this past year. It wasn’t always easy, it wasn’t also peaceful or pretty, but it had to be done.

The next few months are about making some pretty big choices and moves towards whatever it is to come. I’ve been saying for a while that I feel like something is coming and now it feels like I’ve arrived at the crossroads and have some big decisions to make. This past year did not go as planned at all and became more about endings than beginnings.

2018 wasn’t about finishing a chapter, no, it was the end of the damn book.


There is much to work on and the hardest part is figuring out where to begin.

One step at a time. They might be baby steps for now but we’re going to get there. One of the most exciting parts of a new year for me is that I buy a brand new notebook to write in and, of course, start a new planner. Those are my keys to success and I plan on filling both of them with amazing things.

First big thing is a long-awaited return to the Bahamas. Now, I know I was just there in July but I was instantly itching to get back. In the fall I managed to find a damn good deal on a January cruise and I jumped on it. Ashley-Michelle and I will be hitting the seas soon and what’s awesome is that we’ll be on the same boat my sister and I were on back in the summer.

I apologize in advance for the family staying in my sister and my original cabin because I can’t promise I won’t get drunk and end up there thinking it’s where I belong.


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