Happy 200th To Me!

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Whelp folks, today marks something special for this silly little corner of the internet known as my blog. Well, the day doesn’t really matter, what really matters is this particular post.

This is my 200th post!


I guess it’s exciting?

It is, I think.

It certainly has been a journey and I’m very thankful for all of those that have joined me along the way. I still have no real plan for what this whole thing is supposed to be but I think that’s what made the whole thing so much fun.


I honestly don’t know what’s to come. I’m certainly looking forward to some things I have planned for the new year that I will, hopefully, be sharing very soon!

For now, you can help but supporting my terrible caffeine addiction!!

That’s right!

I joined Ko-Fi! Check out my page here or by clicking on the “Caffeinate Me” link in up in the menu!

Thank you so much for all of those who have participated in my journey so far and I look forward to whatever the next 200 posts have to offer!

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