Nightmares Do Come True


Just when the world we live in couldn’t get any scarier, Gaylord Palms Resort here in Orlando has introduced a whole new definition of terror into our lives just in time for the Christmas Season.


The resort is known for their holiday festivities including ICE which, this year, features scenes from A Christmas Story built entirely out of ice. I’ve never gone but I’ve heard good things and it looks like a blast… right up until the announcement that just went live today.

Now, I have never really been a fan of character dining. I love meeting characters in the parks but eating and meeting has never been on the top of my life. The interactions are never as fun because the characters are on a “love and shove” schedule in order to get to all the seated diners.


I would be willing to participate in the Scareactor Dining Experience during Halloween Horror Nights because it’s been widely praised by a number of my friends. I just haven’t found anyone that’s wanted to join me for it, yet.

Gaylord Palms, however, is in the running for the most terrifying dining experience known to man.

The Elf on a Shelf Character Breakfast.


And apparently that little terrifying creature has a girlfriend? Wife?


What is she?!

You know who else had a wife and was a terrifying little murder doll? CHUCKY!


So, if you’re wondering if I’ll be visiting Gaylord Palms anytime soon, the answer is:


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