A Friday As Black As My Soul


I’m gonna be honest in that I don’t totally understand the madness of Black Friday. I won’t even wait in line for my favorite ride at Disney much less to punch out a complete stranger over a TV.


My older sister has always been big on heading out to grab the deals but it has never been for me. I will admit that, on occasion, I’ve shown up to places way, way late in the day and snagged some stuff but those instances are few and far between.

I also feel terrible for the poor retail employees since Black Friday seems to be getting earlier and earlier… like Thursday.

The Target near me was open at 5pm on Thursday night which is normally around the time my family would be sitting down for dinner. Nope. People be out shopping.

I had spotted the line forming when I came home from Animal Kingdom and it was terrifying. There were cars out the parking lot and police officers everywhere.


I did end up going to see Ralph Breaks the Internet Thursday night and when I left the house a little after 10, the parking lot at Target was still a madhouse.


Not my cup of tea.

I will admit I did partake in some online sales. Well really just one.

One of the small shops I follow, 2319 Threads, had a good deal going on so I snagged some shirts and a sweater.


Vudu was also running some pretty good deals so I snagged some digital movies. Is it weird that I just bought a bunch of horror movies? Nah, totally normal.

Anyone want to have a scary movie night?


This morning I wandered into Target to grab cat litter (which I didn’t end up grabbing because it’s Target and when you walk in there you immediately forget all semblance of sense and rationality) and strolled around looking at the aftermath of yesterday’s madness.


While I didn’t leave with cat litter, I ended up with even more movies.

So basically Black Friday is my movie shopping day.


Now I’m sitting here watching Spiderman: Homecoming which is not something I bought this weekend.

I don’t make any sense.

That’s fine.

Everything is fine.


Actually it makes perfect sense in the long run simply because I wanted to be able to work distraction free and I’m not actually watching the movie.

So- there’s really no point to this post now that I think about it.

Sorry world.

Did any of you manage to snag any good deals for Black Friday? Any horror stories you wanna share? I’m curious!

Let me know!!

3 comments on “A Friday As Black As My Soul”

  1. I never understood Black Friday either. Or, why it has become so intense over the past few years? I do not remember my parents fighting over gifts when I was a kid. Like how do people go from being ‘thankful’ for all they have on Thursday to chokeslaming someone on Friday?


    1. Honestly, same. Granted my Christmas wish lists usually consisted books, movies and LEGO sets which I’m fairly certain aren’t big Door-buster items. I mean, I could see the appeal of the day if I was in the market for a big-ticket item and didn’t want to spend a ton of money but other than that, I’m content sitting at home and watching the world burn.


      1. lol @ watching the world burn. I guess that I’m at an age in life, where I would prefer to spend my disposable income on wine and vacations. ;)I guess it doesn’t hurt that I do not have any children.


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