That Banshee Stole My Turkey So I Ate Him

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So, if ya’ll were expecting a wonderful post about what I’m grateful for today, you are about to be HORRIBLY let down. Instead, I’m sitting here wondering why the hell my neighbors decided it was a good idea to start setting off fireworks on the golf course behind my house.


It’s very safe to say that the cats are not amused. Lemon is freaking the hell out, Guinness is terrified… Burger could care less, because she’s Burger. She’s just mad that I got freaked out and moved from the bed to take care of Lemon.


I’m fairly certain she just lives inside the couch now. Thanks idiot neighbors.


I really don’t have much in the way of Thanksgiving traditions. Since I moved to Florida I don’t have any family around and since all of my friends are theme park people, they are usually working.

My first year in Florida, 2014, I can honestly say that I hung out at home, likely ate something non-holiday related, drank and watched movies. 2015 Erica and I spent at Magic Kingdom and when it comes to 2016 I have no idea what I did. Seriously can’t think of what I could have possibly done.

It is the age of the internet so there’s a good chance I could figure it out but I’m too lazy.


In 2017, my friend Kevin and I decided we’d spend the day at Animal Kingdom. We had found out that the restaurant in Pandora, Satu’li Canteen, would be featuring a Thanksgiving Bowl. It was already one of my favorite places to eat so I was down for it.

We didn’t do much in the way of park things since it was a bit busy but we did watch Festival of the Lion King and walked around some. Then came lunch/dinner in Pandora which was amazing. So damn good. We were beyond thrilled with it!

Afterwards we made our way to Disney Springs where we saw Coco and, naturally, cried like babies.


Little did we know, something of a tradition was born.

There was no announcement this year as to whether or not there would be a Thanksgiving bowl this year in Pandora but we decided to chance it. I asked Kevin if he wanted to do a part of the day at Animal Kingdom for today. He had to work in the evening but we managed to get a few hours in.

I got there before him so I wandered around and decided to pay a visit to Mickey and Minnie while I waited.


Turns out I was unintentionally matching with them today! I expected to find them in their explorer outfits but it turned out they were decked out for Christmas. They were just as excited to see me as I was them and Minnie approved of my Cakeworthy flannel.

Kevin was running late but made it in time for our Festival of the Lion King fastpass. The show was lovely as always and will remain one of my favorite shows. I could sit and watch it all day long. I haven’t, but I could. My record is three shows in a row and that was mostly because my friend was performing and I adore her.


Then came lunch time. Dinner time?

Lunch time.

Thankfully the Thanksgiving bowl was indeed back at the canteen and life was amazing. We snagged our bowls and dessert and DEVOURED them. Neither of us had eaten yet so the bowls really didn’t stand a chance with us.


We joked last year about coming back for another but never made it. This year I joked about bringing one to Kevin at work and then that joke morphed into us getting another round of food to go. Then the joke turned into reality.

Then we decided to go visit Photopass and take pictures with our to-go boxes. Like sad, single, adults.

The Photopass girl was into it and we did the most amazing magic shot.


Afterwards we went our separate ways. I’ve been hanging at home watching movies though I’m considering heading to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. Showtime is in about an hour so it’s doable. I’m just not sure if I have it in me to deal with people. I’ve spent the past two days in theme parks.

We’ll see what happens.

Here’s another picture of Kevin and me with food.


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