Making Christmas

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Once upon a time, I was a firm believer that Christmas shouldn’t show its face until after at least Thanksgiving had ended.


Many thousands of moons ago when I worked at the grocery store, I was in charge of the seasonal decorations. I have no idea why it fell to me but I actually enjoyed the task. I created a system for it and stuck with it.

After summer came down, up went ‘Back to School’, usually in August. Once school was in session, the fall decorations- usually involving Halloween- went up as well. My decorations were so awesome that customers were constantly trying to buy them, never understanding that they weren’t for sale.

I got into a full-on argument with a woman at one point because she wanted to buy some of the giant spiders that were stuck up on the walls. She was royally pissed at me and it was hilarious. She couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that these were decorations specifically purchased by the store to be decorations and not for sale. I even told her where I bought them!

She just didn’t get it.


Once Halloween ended, I would remove the Halloween decorations from around the store but leave the fall ones up.

My favorite was the change from fall to Christmas.

The store was closed on Thanksgiving Day but I would still go in, once in the morning and once at night, for refrigeration checks. The store was 5 minutes away from my parents house and it gave me an excuse to escape them so I jumped at the chance to get away.

My visits to the store were for more than refrigeration checks though. This was also my chance for a Disney-esque change of seasons. I would remove any hint of fall and then- BOOM- Christmas everywhere!


I had the change-over down to a science so it didn’t take more than a couple hours which was a nice enough break from dealing with the headache of my family. My nighttime check gave me an excuse to leave for the night and stop in for any final touches on decorating.

Normal decorating would happen during my nighttime shifts while customers were still in the store, this was special because no one saw it happen so coming in the next day to all the merriment was a surprise.

Or maybe no one even cared.

But I loved it.


When it comes to decorating my home, it’s usually a bit of a different story. I live in a condo and the community was built apartment-style so I have no lawn, just a patio that we’re not allowed to decorate per the Homeowner’s Association (whom I despise).

So everything happens inside.

I’d love to be crazy enough to decorate seasonally year-round but I barely have time to eat most days much less decorate. When it comes to Halloween and Christmas, those are my exceptions.

This year, Halloween went up in mid-August. I have zero regrets about this because this simple change in home décor made me feel so much better. It put a damn smile on my face for the first time in forever. I had meant to do a post about decorating for Halloween but I never got around to it and I really didn’t take too many pictures.


Usually following Halloween I’d take everything down and the house would be normal for a while but back in 2016 I changed this because I needed some damn cheer in my life. So my policy changed to that of Disney, once Halloween season ended, the Christmas season began! This has morphed a bit over the past couple years in that I would do the change over on my first day off following the end of Halloween Horror Nights.

That day was yesterday!


It’s not much given the space constraints but between being able to put up holiday cheer and finally get the house clean, it felt good to get out of bed this morning. Granted, I woke up this morning feeling gross so getting out of bed didn’t happen until sometime after noon but it was a start.

Friends were quick to comment that they were surprised that I didn’t have a Nightmare Before Christmas thing going on. Believe me when I say that the temptation is VERY real but my budget for such things is not.

If I had an unlimited budget, I would be in a big house and I would be the most obnoxious neighbor in the world when it came to holidays. Halloween and Christmas being the big ones. And if I trusted my cats more, I would have a big ole Christmas tree.

Maybe even a few. A friend of mine has a number of trees in her house every year and each one is decorated to a different theme. She is far craftier than me though.

Here’s what I ended up with after my decorating spree yesterday:





It really isn’t much but it gets the job done!

Who else has put up their holiday decorations already? Let me know or, even better, show me!

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