Barbara Holland is the Reason I Don’t Sleep At Night

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I’m not going to say I’m addicted to Stranger Things but it most certainly is the reason I’m awake at 1:30 in the morning writing this post rather than sleeping like a normal human being.


Ever since it was announced that Stranger Things would be coming to Halloween Horror Nights, I’ve been promising that I would get my act together and watch the damn show. I had started it when it first came out and just couldn’t get into it.

Turns out, I had gotten about halfway through episode 4 when I gave up.


For my recent trip to Ohio, I downloaded the entire season to my tablet to watch on the plane. I made my way through the first few episodes with the same trepidation as I had the first time around.

I just wasn’t getting into it.

It wasn’t actually until the end of the 4th episode that I was finally hooked and ready for more.


I was able to get through pretty much all of the first season while I was on planes and wrapped it up once I got home from the airport. Here were my final thoughts on Season 1 as I expressed to Kevin in a fit of frustration via text:


Yep. That’s right. I’m officially on team #JusticeForBarb!

I had to give myself a few days before I was willing to dive into Season 2. I’m currently on the final episode as I write this. Eleven just showed back up to kick some butt now that she’s gone through her emo phase… apparently.

That whole episode bothered me.


Was there a point?



But let’s get back to Hawkins.

And Barb.


Apparently Nancy is the only one that gives a crap about what happened to her. She is bothered by having to keep it all a secret and it’s eating away at her.


It’s been almost a whole damn year and only her parents and Nancy are concerned. Granted, this is the same town that buried a boy who was shockingly back to life three days later and they’re totally okay with it. But they really believed this girl up and ran away?



I guess there’s the question of, where do all these bad lab people live when they aren’t opening gates to evil dimensions?

Maybe that’s why the people of Hawkins are so complacent, they are in on the whole thing.

I still have a lot of questions.

But hey, we got justice for Barb.


At any rate, it looks like I’m on board to see this thing through to the bitter end though it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a new season until sometime next year.

You better watch yourself Netflix, we all know in 2019 the final season of Game of Thrones is taking priority.


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