A Parent’s Guide to Halloween Horror Nights


We are just 36 days away from the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. Horror-lovers like myself are just itching for that opening night, seeing familiar faces and meeting all new ones. It my favorite time of the year and the event that I look forward to the most (right up there with Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival).

There is a question that seems to come up a lot when it comes to the event in the various forums and blogs that I follow: should I bring my child to Halloween Horror Nights?

Were it up to me, the event would be made 18+ and we’d call it a day. Granted many of the major issues I’ve heard of have stemmed from grown adults that apparently can’t handle existing around other human beings. So, frankly, I think there should be some sort of IQ test to be allowed to enter. Or let me screen them… though that would leave only, like, five people allowed in each night.

I digress.

The event website cautions against visitors under the age of 13 stating that it may be too intense. That said, there is no true age minimum on Halloween Horror Nights. This has been evident more and more over the past couple years as I have seen younger and younger children at the event.

Mostly the crazy instagram parents, dressing their kids up (despite the no costume rule), hoping to make their kid a star on social media by forcing them into situations they aren’t comfortable with (yeah, your kids LOVES being up at midnight on a school night).

I’ve decided to offer up my advice to parents thinking about bringing their younger children to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights:






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