To Blog, or Not to Blog? That Is the Question




If I’m being real, I’m honestly really excited about seeing my sister.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw her and my best guess is that it was sometime around November of 2015. I would like to pretend there’s no way that could be right but I’m next to positive it is. I’ll have to double check with her. She’ll probably know better than me.


Anyway, there’s been a lingering question about whether or not I’ll be blogging during/about my trip. There’s a fantastic chance that’ll I’ll be writing something about this trip, but how much trouble I’ll go to is up in there air.

My sister and I haven’t spent time together since I became an all-out blogger so she doesn’t know the headache that can come from it. Many of the regular players in my life have become used to it and it doesn’t even phase them anymore… I think.


Granted, I know many of my friends realize they are in here somewhere and likely just don’t care. My sister, on the other hand, isn’t used to any of it.

She does know she’s in my book, it wouldn’t make sense for her not to appear in there somewhere. And I know she’s read some of my posts here and there.

She just hasn’t been the subject of any of them.

So I guess I face the questions many personal bloggers come across as they go through life: should I blog while I’m on vacation?

I never have a clear answer on this if I’m being completely honest and a lot of times I play it by ear.

Many times, I go about my life knowing that I’m going to write something but don’t end up doing it. I’ve even written posts that have never seen the light of day. My last trip to Boston got some write-ups but not as much as I had planned. The Chicago Marathon weekend in 2017 never got anything written about it.

It happens.


So. To blog, or not to blog? That is the question.


I’m always a blogger. As I go through any situation in my life, I’m always thinking about what could be a blog post. I think of whether or  not it has what it takes to survive my insanity. Sometime is does, others, not so much. Many times situations do lend themselves to a post but no quite yet.

I think that’s important to being a good blogger. Take it all in and go from there.

Many times I get so lost in living in the moment that I never write anything. My last vacation, for my birthday, was like this. My friend Kevin and I spent a few days in Disneyland and I didn’t write a single word. Not for lack of adventures but I got lost in it all and didn’t want to worry about trying to document it.

Let that be a lesson to all bloggers. Never be afraid to live in the moment and forget to upload or update or whatever.


I will be completely honest, I did pay for wifi for this three day cruise so you can expect Instagram story and feed updates. You have to pay by device and I’ll only have my phone active. I don’t plan on bringing my laptop but I will have my notebook.

I promised my sister I’d bring my camera so we will be doing our own glamour shots. She’s no expert so we’ll see what happens.

In the end I hope to just have fun. Sure I’d love to win the attention of someone who’d love to pay for me to travel and write for them but that’s secondary to just getting the hell away from it all for a while.

I don’t know. For all my hardcore bloggers/followers out there- how do you handle vacation time and blogging?

I’d love to hear thoughts!

2 comments on “To Blog, or Not to Blog? That Is the Question”

    1. I’ve certainly been keeping mental notes of things. I’ll likely write some wrap-ups and share my weird adventures.
      For a Saturday night things are actually pretty lowkey so I’m just chilling and listening to a band play.


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