Buy Me LEGOS and Call Me Pretty

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I haven’t talked about it too much but my LEGO kick that started last year has certainly carried into this one. I actually still have the one Guardians of the Galaxy set that I bought ages ago but still haven’t built. Not sure why but the box is sitting, untouched in my office. I also got my hands on a Doctor Strange set that was on clearance at Target.

Haven’t built it yet either.

I guess I’m waiting for the right mood.


Then a few weeks ago the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom LEGO sets hit the shelves at Target and I found myself with the deep need to have them all.

I’m super excited for the movie which I’m planning on seeing this evening. I’ve actually been rewatching the series over the past couple days. I hedged on watching Jurassic Park III since it’s just about everyone’s least favorite film in the brand and I’m included among them.

It’s trash.


That first night I refrained from dropping hundreds of dollars right then and there and bought the Stygimoloch Breakout Kit. I built it that evening while watching Jurassic World.

It seemed fitting.

Here’s a terrible picture of it:


Yesterday was particularly MEH for me and I had to make a late run to Target to get some cat food. I found myself wandering into the toy section where there was one last Pteranodon Chase set left. It’s the cheaper of the whole collection so I figured, ‘why the hell not’ and snagged it.

I knew I would regret it if I didn’t.

I had no real plans for the evening so I figured it’d be fun to have a nice movie night and build some LEGOS. I got some chocolate cheesecake for the occasion and rented some Redbox movies.


The single life.

I could have rewatched Jurassic World tonight but I had a coupon for Redbox and there were some movies I really wanted to see available. So it was LEGOS and Annihilation.

I finished my set and added it to the ever-growing collection on top of my entertainment center.


There’s a few more sets in the collection and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want them. I’ve been considering for some time turning the top of the entertainment center completely into a LEGO land much like I used to have when I was a kid.

I had a whole city down in the basement of our house.

I could get lost for hours down there.

I guess what I’m saying is that I need someone to give me like $300 so I can buy the rest of the collection and build my Jurassic World Lego Empire….

This was truly a pointless post…


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