Cracks in the Crystal Ball

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For anyone wondering how the month is going- it’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I’m eating a pint of Ben & Jerrys for what is essentially my breakfast and lunch.


Ok, things aren’t that bad… I mean the Ben & Jerry’s part is totally true. I’d say, I regret nothing but I just finished the pint and I’m realizing what a terrible mistake I have made.

My lack of updates has really stemmed from so much going on and having zero energy to sit down and actually write about anything.

Further proof that I am a terrible blogger.


I’ve still been very much back and forth with my depression though it hasn’t been as bad as it has been. There has been a light after all these months and it couldn’t be more welcomed.

Granted it’s coming at a time when it’s raining nonstop in Florida.


Of course, I’m the weirdo that’s loving it. It’s actually been raining a lot today and I’m in heaven. If there’s one thing I miss about living in the north, it’s those rainy days when I had nothing to do but watch TV with a glass of wine and listen to the sounds of water falling.

Today actually would have made for a wonderful Netflix and cuddle on the couch.

Preferably with another human.

I settled for The Avengers and some cuddles with Guinness.


But now the sun is doing its best to make an appearance so I’m trying to be productive. I’m writing while in between loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen and living room.

For some sad reason I haven’t been able to keep up with the house. I have a roommate now and I feel terrible because I’ve yet to keep anything clean. I’m not a neat-freak by any stretch of the imagination but I’m usually not this bad.

Problem is when I have days off, I’m still too damn tired to do anything.

Today seems to be a persistent headache though that might be partly because of the ice cream lunch.

Actually, it’s now 6:00pm and I’m realizing I haven’t had any caffeine…


I mean, I don’t actually drink coffee but I still need caffeine. I’m sensing a Starbucks run in the near future… though that means I have to put actual clothes on.

Damn it.


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