I’m Learning to be Brave in My Beautiful Mistakes

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It has been the hottest of minutes since I have updated but I promise I’m not dead.


The rest of April got insane and with so much going on, I just didn’t have the time or, really, the energy to sit down and write. I’ve tried a few times but then watching Netflix and eating seemed far more appealing to me.

Also sleep.

I like sleep.


There’s so much that happened in April and I swear I’ll get to all of it soon. I actually have three days off next week and I’m going to use that time to get caught up on all sorts of things and finally have a life again.

The past week ended my touring for the school year so other than my upcoming vacation, I’ll be home until the fall.

I can actually have a life for a while.


In terms of May Goals I’m really just looking to complete everything I have been trying to accomplish since February. I’m using May to catch up on what I’ve been slow to complete and this includes some spring cleaning and whatnot.

The Dark Side Half Marathon weekend was just the kick in the ass that I needed to really set focus on my workout goals. I’ve been on and off since that weekend but now that I’m in a place where my schedule has settled down, I feel like I’ll be able to make a workout schedule actually work for me.

Truth be told, with everything going on this month, I’ve been pulling 60 hour weeks and my stress levels have been through the roof.


Hope is on the horizon! My schedule regulates this week and then I’m going on a much-needed vacation.

So, that’s my quick update. I have more to come but for right now I’m keeping it short and sweet. And I’m also really tired so I’m calling it quits.

Be well all!

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