Bring on the April Showers


T.S. Eliot says that April is the cruelest month. I’m thinking he had it wrong, March was kind of a bitch.

We’ve been starting to get our afternoon rain here in Orlando and it’s been a bit refreshing. I actually really like the rain. Not the monsoons that we’ll be getting every afternoon starting soon, but the light rain.

I actually miss the rainy days of Boston. I enjoyed those nice long days of rain where I would just curl up with a glass of wine and book. Maybe a movie and hot chocolate. Or a pizza.

You get the idea.


I’ve been having some trouble thinking of something I’d like to work on for this month. I think I’ll be carrying over my spring cleaning goal because I didn’t get quite as far as I was hoping. I got a lot done but there’s still the disaster that is my office. Also my bedroom closet is a nightmare.


Fitness also needs a good reboot. Of my five yearly goals, fitness is the one that I’ve been the worst with. With The Dark Side Half Marathon coming up, there are really no more excuses. I already plan on taking it easy so I can run alongside Erica but I still don’t want to die.

Working with realistic expectations I want to say that I will run at least twice a week this month. If I find I’m able to weave other workouts in there or an additional running day- great! But for now, getting two runs a week is a reasonable goal.

Start small and work my way up.


I want this to be the month I finally feel better. If March was the month that I fell apart, then April will be the month that I put myself back together.

I know that technically spring began on March 20th but I always have viewed April as the beginning of Spring. So I’m going to find my joy and renewal this month.

I hope that’s everyone’s goal this month!

Find your joy!


5 comments on “Bring on the April Showers”

  1. Just a suggestion, but when I’m in an exercise slump- I think of a treat I can give myself when I come back (not food, but just something fun like arranging to meet up with a friend:)


  2. Being someone who has had a hard time and maintaining a fitness routine, I can relate. I always focus on the feeling after I’m done. Accomplishment, endorphins, I did it! I also use the tag like “just do it” a lot to push myself. I currently workout 3 times a week at the gym for an hour and that’s gone up year over year from 1 to 2 to 3 workouts a week and I tell myself I need to do 6. Slow and steady, it will happen. Focus on your goal.


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