It’s Late and I’m Tired

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So, I’m gonna be real.

I’m sitting down to write this at 10:00pm after a really long day. I just ate my weight in Chinese Food because I was too tired to cook and am having a drink while watching some Netflix. There’s a good chance I’ll be in a coma soon.


I could have easily skipped this post and been okay with it but it’s been a few days since I last posted and I feel obligated. I actually started writing a post for yesterday but I fell asleep writing it and when I woke up it was already today so I gave up on it.

Mostly because when I re-read what I wrote, my reaction was simply:


After a really crappy weekend I did have a great last couple days. I was speaking at some schools up near Tallahassee and had an absolute blast. This was my second time visiting this community this year and they have been so amazing and welcoming.

I felt bad about how tired I was!

I worked doubles all weekend and didn’t check into my hotel until 2am on Monday morning and had to be at the first school at 7:30am. I was fueled by RedBull for sure.

I ended up in a coma following the first day’s workshops. I haven’t been in a hotel in a while so sleep was hard to come by. Plus I’ve had weird body aches this past week.

I honestly think it’s from exhaustion.


Developments this week have been slow-going. I haven’t worked out which I’m reall upset at myself about. We’re a month away from Dark Side and I’m feeling unprepared. A big part of it is my shoes. The shoes I currently have are terrible and after a couple days of working out my foot starts to hurt. I know it’s the damn shoes.

I need new shoes.

Tomorrow I’m going to get new shoes.

It’s really not in the budget but I think it’s going to be a necessary evil. I’m sick of being in pain.


Other than that I’ve just had a really hard time writing lately. I’ve hit a wall with “You’re Doing it Wrong” which is super frustrating because I’m so close to being done with it!

I’m giving myself until the end of the month to finish this damn book.

I will make this happen!


From there, everything else with my goals is going pretty good!

This has been the most pointless of all the posts!

You’re welcome.


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