Halloween Horror Nights 28: Let the Rumors Begin


Some people may think that it’s too early to starting thinking about Halloween and those people would be wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

These are terrible, negative people that you don’t need in your life.

Banish them immediately.

With the craziness of the holiday season well behind us, the internet rumor mill has already started churning out the hot gossip on Halloween Horror Nights 28 here in Orlando and I’m pretty much okay with it.

We may be months away but I’ve already got Horror Nights on my mind.

I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be spending as much time there this year as I have in the past. My Universal pass has expired and I haven’t had the funds to renew and I’m not sure if it’ll be happening any time soon. I’m not thrilled about it but it’s all a part of my new financial plan.

Let’s get to the rumors.

I, like most people, was upset that Universal didn’t have an IT themed house last year but it made some sense since the film was released just before the opening of the event and no one could have predicted the amazing success of the film.

For 2018, we are all hoping and praying to see Pennywise in the flesh in a Halloween Horror Nights maze and it is on the top of all the rumor lists.

I’m not even mad.

Give me some Neibolt House and a terrifying clown and call me pretty.

Behind that is talk of a “Stranger Things” house which I’m on the fence about. As of right now I’ve seen all of two episodes of the show and I wasn’t overly impressed. I was told to stick with it but I just couldn’t. I might go ahead and give it another go just in case I need to be caught up for some nonsense next year.

American Horror Story looks like it’s set for a return this year given that is was one of the top rated mazes this year and last. I really loved both years. Orlando reigned supreme in my opinion. I was fiercely disappointed with Hollywood’s AHS Maze as well as the event as a whole. That’s part of the reason I never wrote about it, I had nothing nice to say.

For a classic maze there’s some rumors that David Cronenburg’s “The Fly” may be buzzing into town. Not fully sure how I feel about that one. I feel like there are far better classic horror movies that could make the jump to the HHN world. Last year’s The Shining was underwhelming at best and that film was ripe with jump scare moments for a maze. I don’t feel that The Fly has enough going on to justify a maze.

There’s some talk of Orlando getting an Alfred Hitchcock inspired maze. Let’s do that for our classic.


The name H.P. Lovecraft has been thrown around a lot in many rumors over many years so let’s go ahead and throw that in there for some giggles.

My thoughts? Let’s bring back Trick’R Treat in some form or another. That scare-zone was by far the most beautiful I have seen in years and I probably spent the most time in there. The attention to detail was insane and it is my favorite HHN scare-zone to date.

Academy of Villains please! Irma robbed us of the full experience but they still put on one hell of a show. Let’s keep them coming back and hopefully this year they won’t bring a hurricane with them.

Can we put an end to The Purge? I understand that for 2017 there were rumors of budget cuts for HHN in order to breathe some much-needed life into the Holiday Celebration. Totally get it. But the scare-zone felt lazy. I appreciated the details to it but at the same time, with no new film, it felt like what it was- recycled.

So those are my thoughts and those are the rumors. Naturally I’ll keep updating as news comes out because I’m addicted to Halloween Horror Nights and I have no shame.

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