Bring Me Crackers and Call Me Pretty

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I’ve been under the weather this week this is painfully annoying because I feel like I just got over being sick not that long ago. Granted, I’m terrible at taking care of myself so there’s a good chance I never got better.

I’m quite terrible at being sick because I tend to keep going until my body forces me to stop in terrible ways. Usually resulting in me spending days curled up on the couch watching bad movies and praying for a swift end to the terrible suffering I’m dealing with.


I’ve yet to reach that point and part of me is hoping that I’m going to bypass it all together. I’m thinking this mostly because I’ve already come and gone from my cracker phase.




When I’m sick I tend to lose my appetite completely and will go an unnatural amount of time without eating. Then, all of a sudden, I will have an insane craving for Club Crackers.

Like, it’s not okay the sheer number of these things I will devour in a short amount of time.

I might have eaten 80 the other day.

I’m not proud.


It really started on Tuesday. I was training someone at work and started losing my voice from the extra talking I was having to do. I ended up drinking some hot water with lemon to help ease the problem. Wednesday morning I had to run another training session and kept losing my voice along with dealing with a runny nose (super attractive).

Wednesday afternoon I got home from the training and that was it. I sat down on the couch, closed my eyes and next thing I knew, it was Thursday morning.

Yep. Slept for almost 20 hours.

Obviously not non-stop. There were some bathroom breaks.

I was down and out and the couch was my best friend… kinda. It did reach the point, at about 2pm, where I realized I really should eat something. It was also my only day off so I was going to have to run some basic errands to survive the remainder of the week.

And I wanted crackers.

What really sucked is that I never have them on hand so I had to venture out while not feeling well to get supplies. I briefly considering PrimeNOW but I needed cat food and they didn’t have the right brand. (My cats are obviously divas)

I guess this is one of those times where being in a relationship comes in handy. I could remain half-dead on the couch and text out requests like crackers and Oreos (for some reason I was also craving Oreos… my body makes no sense and I own it).

Regardless, I’m feeling somewhat better, so I’m hoping that the demons have left me and I can go back to my version of normal life soon.

I’m so very close to finishing “You’re Doing It Wrong” and feeling like crap this week hasn’t helped the process. I got some writing done but I was really hoping to finish this week. Now it looks like there will be just a tad more time added on.

Still on schedule though and that’s all the matters.

For now, I’m going to go back to cuddling with the cats who have been serving as my caregivers in this trying time…


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