Tests Don’t Stop Just Because You Get Old… Apparently

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As of starting to write this post it is 4:53 in the morning. Am I just waking up to start my day? Not at all. Have you met me?


I’m still awake from yesterday.

I’ve pretty much accepted my life as a night owl- it’s not all that bad if you make sure to constantly take into account that time is a human construct… also that most normal people operate during the daylight hours and so you may have you sleep interrupted by the real world from time to time.

I remember in college, one of my English department professors told us that, as a writer she got very little sleep. Rather, her sleep schedule was split up throughout the day. She’s work at the college, do the daily home things and then write until the wee hours of the mornings. Get some sleep. And do it all again.

Napping always encouraged.


As I’ve been finalizing my book “You’re Doing it Wrong” and trying to become a more consistent blogger, I’ve noticed that my sleep has become erratic at best. I’m notorious for being the first customer at my local Starbucks when they unlock the doors at 5:00am.

I’ve tried to get myself back on a somewhat normal schedule because running the Dopey Challenge with a messed up sleep cycle was not the best. The problem is, I have been working more and more nights at the restaurant.

Schools are spending less and less money, which means I’m on the road less than normal. This stinks because I really love my job and connecting with audiences. I’m hoping things will turn around soon but with the way budgets are getting cut, my future is a tad uncertain. I’m not giving up hope, things always have a way of turning around.


While I have no desire to make a restaurant carrier my future, I haven’t been opposed to learning new things and growing within my role. I’ve never been content to sit still so it makes sense to try.

One thing I’ve been eager yet scared to give a shot it bartending. It truly is an art form and while it seems a bit terrifying, I’m open to a fun new challenge.

So why not!

This leads to one of the reasons why I’m still awake right now.

In order to tend bar at my restaurant, I need to be certified in Responsible Alcohol Service. This required taking an online course along with an exam. When I found out that the whole thing would take four hours, I originally thought I’d purchase the course in the moment and start it when I woke up.

Then I decided to just run the first module.

Then the second.

Then the third.

Then I was done… three and a half hours later.

Test time.

Only 40 multiple choice questions?

Might as well.


I’ll admit that I was a tad nervous because if I failed the test, I’d have to pay to take it again. Granted, I could easily write this off as a work expense, I’d rather not throw away money.

That’s my wine money.


Seriously. The cost of the retest is roughly two bottles of wine.

I don’t think I’ve been this nervous about a test since my final exam in an intensive Spanish course I took in order to graduate college.

Great news. I passed.

My final score was a 92% which is great but I would have liked to have known what answers I got wrong. This information wasn’t available.

I suppose I’ll just be happy with passing.

Now it’s 5:13 in the morning and I’m watching a horror movie… like a boss.


I’m excited to head in to work tomorrow and hand off my certificate to my manager and begin the next step!

For now, I’m gonna watch this stupid little girl mess around with a demonic doll because she couldn’t follow the rules and simply not go into the bedroom that she was forbidden from entering and now her soul is totally going to be devoured by a demon.


Kids these days.


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