There’s Finally A Magic Band That Matches My Soul

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I remember when Walt Disney World first started rolling out Magic Bands. It was the year I moved to Florida and subsequently became a Passholder. Upon completing my sign-up for my pass I was instructed to choose a Magic Band.

I was totally opposed to them for no real reason. Part of me didn’t really like the idea of having to wear it and feared it would be an eyesore in photos.

I’m weird.

We know that, right?

I opted for the gray band because that seemed the most practical. It wouldn’t clash with any outfits and didn’t really stand out.

I swore to myself that this would be the only Magic Band I ever owned because there was really no need for me to have more than one. This would be it until I renewed and they offered me another one to go along with my pass.

What a fool I was.

They soon released a Big Hero 6 band and I needed to have it. So I bought it.


Until they released a Stitch one. I was so worried they would sell out, I followed Facebook leads and booked it to the Art of Animation resort where it was reported they had a few on hand. I snagged the last one on the shelf.

Next, RunDisney released a Magic Band and as a runner, I obviously needed one. People needed to know I was a runner.


I see you Disney. I see you.


This would be my last Magic Band purchase for a while. Upon my  renewal a glitch in the system allowed me to get two free Magic Bands. I went with green and purple because now I was actually coordinating bands with Disneybounds if the outfit called for a specific color.

I’m a sheep.


My next purchase was a Donald Duck Magic Band. Donald is my favorite of the fab five so it was natural that I grab it.

Donald and Stitch get the most use because the two of them live in the center console of my car so if I forget to throw one on- I have one ready to go in the car. My purple one is looped onto my backpack that I usually carry into the parks, especially if I’m taking pictures. This one has travelled to both domestic Disney parks as well as the Universal Parks.

With the release of the Magic Band 2, my new obsession has calmed down a tad. My 2017-2018 renewal granted me a Green Magic Band 2 and through that same weird glitch I was just able to order a red one.

Disney. What’s you plan? Bury me in Magic Bands?


I will say that I have obviously grown attached to the damn things. They have made life so much easier from entering the parks, getting Photopass Photos and redeeming fast passes. I’m often heard cursing Disneyland for not having them. Ask anyone who has gone to Disneyland with me.

I love Magic Bands.

I’ve yet to link payment to mine because that is a dangerous, horrible thing that will likely lead me to the poor house.

Recently, Disney released two new colors to the Magic Band lineup. While they aren’t available for the “free” passholder or resort guests, I’m somewhat excited… about one of them.

First- they released a freaking rose gold Magic Band. I’m sorry. Millenial Pink Magic Band.

Millenial Pink.



Millenial Pink.

Millenial. Fucking. Pink.

They aren’t even hiding it anymore.

Millenial Pink Magic Band

Somewhere a basic white girl is shook… in her ugg boots… with a pumpkin spice latte… with extra guac.

Rumor has it they are calling it this because they were worried that calling it Rose Gold would start a craze a la Rose Gold Ears and Rose Gold Spirit Jerseys.

I don’t understand things.

The second color is for the “angry at their dads” crowd and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

The black Magic Band has arrived. FINALLY a Magic Band that matches the color of my soul. You best believe I’ll be getting myself one.


My inner emo is quite excited.


That is all.

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