Dopey Challenge 2018 Recap: Half Marathon

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If it wasn’t clear from the 5k and 10k recap, it was freezing cold for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and Saturday was no exception.

I was the only one with no face cover so I decided to be excited for all of us. So proud of Andy and Carm for kicking some ass this weekend!

I am typically a huge proponent of the “nothing new on race day” rule when it comes to running. This means that you should stick to what you’ve done for training and not add anything new to the mix on the day of the race. This seemed to be a rule-breaking weekend.


For the 5k and 10k I straight up wore pants and a pullover which I have never done before. For the half marathon morning I moved a bit closer to my norm with shorts but went with long sleeves over my normal t-shirt or tank top.

Oh well.

I wore throw-away clothes to the race and ditched my pants before the start. My hoodie I kept on for the first mile before I got too sweaty. This is important because waiting until I was too sweaty would just mean running in wet clothes and getting colder.

Gone with the hoodie at mile one.


So, I had mentioned in my previous post that I was super excited about a photo-op on course. Typically the Peter Pan float from the Festival of Fantasy Parade is out with the Lost Boys doing a meet and greet… this wasn’t the case and I was so sad it’s not even funny.

Unlike the 5k and the 10k, I decided to take some time to stop and see characters. A big part of this was making sure to slow down and not push too hard for the race. Last year I had the luxury of having the half marathon off and was feeling fantastic for the full. This wasn’t going to be the case so I needed to pull back.

This added time to my race but it was well worth it because, hell, I’m here for the characters.

But didn’t get any Lost Boys and I will be forever bitter.


The course for the WDW Half Marathon is nothing new if you’ve run the race before. It’s the same course every year and also the same as the Princess Half Marathon. Start and end at Epcot with a run out to Magic Kingdom and back.

In between there’s always fun characters and stops along the way and I’m not above stopping for some fun and often rare characters.



Sadly, I’m missing a fun photo-op with Tinkerbell and friends. I’m remaining hopeful it’ll show up on my photopass but for now… nothing…

I love my blue alien buddy!!

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