Dopey Challenge 2018 Recap: 5k and 10k

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Another RunDisney race weekend has come! (Well, it was last weekend but I’m a slacker) As we all know, it is the first and largest race weekend for RunDisney of the year and certainly one of the craziest. The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is home to four races and two challenges.

Naturally, as I am a “go big or go home” person, I ran the ultimate Challenge this past weekend: The Dopey Challenge.

4 Days. 4 races. 48.6 Miles.

If you’ve been following my nonsense for a while you’ll know that this is my second attempt at the Dopey Challenge. My first, in 2017, was marred by the half marathon being cancelled due to weather. The first time a RunDisney race had been cancelled in the history of the races.

Because why not?

So this year I reluctantly returned to the start lines, at 3:30am, four mornings in a row, to fully earn my spot in the land of the Dopiest of Runners.

Here are some quick highlights from the 5K and 10k! Nothing overly special, which is why I’m combining them into one post rather than multiples like I did last year.

Thursday: Walt Disney World 5k

I hate 5ks. More than that, I hate Disney 5ks. With a burning passion. In the case of this morning, a freezing cold passion.


My 3am wake up was greeted with 33 degree weather. The race temperature was about the same, perhaps a couple degrees warmer. This was actually the first time I’ve ever run in long sleeves and pants. It was an odd feeling.

Now, I hate Disney 5ks not because of the distance but because of the people. I’ve said this time and time again. Where I’m happy people and families are getting out there and being healthy- be aware of others and be realistic.

I spent the first mile and a half going slower than I would have liked simply because I was stuck behind families of four of five walking side by side and blocking the paths. When I was finally free of this, I still had to suffer through people stopping without warning and people jumping into my path.

I don’t want to be a 5k broken record so I’ll refrain from my usual rants.

I didn’t stop for any photo ops as I was too cold and frustrated. I just wanted to be done. The good news is that it’s supposed to get warmer as the weekend goes on- not much but it’s gotta be better than today.

Friday: Walt Disney World 10k

Well hello 33 degrees again. We had so much fun yesterday- WHY WOULDN’T YOU RETURN TO TORTURE ME?!

The struggle with the cold is very real. My favorite part are the number of people complaining that they aren’t able to show off their cute costumes that they put so much work into. Like it’s Disney’s fault that no one cares that climate change is a real thing and this is it.

I digress.


Things went a bit smoother this morning. I ended up at the front of one of the mini-waves and this gave me some breathing room away from the walkers. Once I caught up to the wave that had gone ahead of me, they had spread out enough that I didn’t have to duck and weave around people.

I have very little report from the race. The cold prevented me from any desire to stop for characters though I did totally wait in line for Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in the World Showcase because… how often does that happen?


Never is the answer.


I finished out the race without any additional stops, mostly because nothing sparked my interest.

I do know that tomorrow will bring some fun characters to the game as we will be running through Magic Kingdom and one photo op I was sad to miss last year because of the half cancellation will be available!

More to come!

Also, this picture because I have no idea what that face is all about. I assume someone said something about donuts…


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