My Homeowner’s Association Hates the Ocean… Apparently

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One thing I’d like the world to know: living life with a homeowner’s association is easily the worst thing in the entire world. The sad part is, I’m in a condo and I hate them, I can only imagine living in an actual house and having to put up with their nonsense.

I feel like I am constantly in a fight with my community manager. I promise I’m not being unreasonable, they are just being stupid.


One such example was when they needed access to our condos for some nonsense reason and gave us less than 24 hours notice about it. My problem was that I was on the road and just HAPPENED to come home the day the notice went up, but I was leaving the very next morning for another trip. I had literally come home to do laundry. I was going to be home for about 13 hours.

Thankfully my neighbor was going to be home and has a key to my house. There is an option to leave a key with the community manager but I’d rather cut my own leg off in a Jigsaw style mousetrap than leave those people with unsupervised access to my home.

We’ve gone through one community manager for every year I’ve lived here, which is four.

At one point, I had paid my community dues in one payment rather than monthly and the check was deposited. Turns out, later on, the check had been stolen and cashed by someone else. I hadn’t noticed because they correct amount of money left my account so why would I pay any attention.

When I got a notice of legal action for not paying my dues I noticed.

This issue still hasn’t been resolved because they are refusing to accept responsibility for this whole thing.

So I hate them.



My biggest pet peeve is the notices that sometimes get stuck in our door jams.

First off- what a massive waste of paper. Time and time again I have insisted that they move to digital ways of getting notices to us. Send a damn email people. Hundreds of sheets of paper are wasted on putting out these notices.

Worse is when they put the wrong information and have to repost and this happens often.

My biggest peeve with these notices is that it is almost guaranteed that there will be misspellings, horrible grammar and no proper punctuation to speak of in these notices.

My dues hard at work.

Granted, I know I’m not perfect an my posts often have off spelling or shit grammar but, guess what, I’m not a professional getting paid. I’m just a fool with a laptop. THIS WOMAN IS GETTING PAID… BY ME… FOR THIS NONSENSE.

Here is the latest notice to hit our doors:


They decided to put a meme on it to be a little more hip. It’s not funny nor is it a real meme but hey, they tried. Also it’s a waste of ink.


Now apparently they want to make sure that we take down the reefs.

Sorry Nemo, the HOA says the reefs have got to go and I have until tomorrow to do it.

On the plus side, these means that the wreath I have hanging on my door can stay.


The temptation to leave that damn wreath on my door for the rest of the year is very real and when they come and yell at me, I’ll walk myself down to the community manager’s office (she writes the noticed by the way) and explain that I don’t have to take the wreath down because the notice said that I should be taking down reefs.

Then I’ll share a picture of me with some bleached out coral.

Like a boss.



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