Sending My Baby Out Into the World One Piece at a Time


Whelp, I did it. Monday I posted a sample chapter from my upcoming book “You’re Doing It Wrong” and the response has been pretty damn awesome.

If you’re behind the times you check out “Bad Luck & Hard Love” here.

This chapter in particular comes a bit later in the book and introduces the stories that follow that have to do with my dating life and lessons learned through heartbreak.

These were some of the toughest chapters to write as I was forcing myself to relive some of the more painful moments of my life.

That’s actually what a lot of writing this book has been, especially this past year. I have been going full speed on writing since earlier this year and I’m really hoping to be done by the end of the year and published in the spring.

I’m aiming for a release date of Tuesday May 15, 2018.

My 33rd birthday.


It’s only three years later than I had originally wanted to release it but it is what it is.

Actually, I’m really kind of happy about this because I don’t think the book I would have released three years ago would have been as good as the book I hope to release in 160 days.

And now that I’ve but a number on that I’m a little stressed out.

I’m actually handing the first half of the book to my friend Kevin in about an hour for him to edit and proof for me.

Aside from the sample chapter this will be the first time anyone who isn’t me has read this material.

I’m totally not freaking out.


We’re also having dinner at Disney Springs so that’s exciting because I love food.

So I’m going to go do that.

You’re welcome for the pointless post that I’m now realizing this is…

We’ll all get over it.

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