Avenger? I Hardly Know Her! A Race Weekend Review

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One- I’m writing about my race out of order because this is my blog and I do what I want

Two- I thought the title was funny and I don’t appreciate the judgement :-p

Three- I probably shouldn’t be writing when I’m this tired.


Yet another RunDisney race weekend has come and gone and it was business as usual with the exception of the fact that this was the final Disneyland race for the foreseeable future. I’m writing up a retrospective on all of this that will be coming soon. For now, here’s a look back on the 2017 Super Hero Half Marathon Weekend.


I managed to be exhausted for the ENTIRE time I was in California primarily because of the absolutely terrible hotel I was staying in. More on that later.

I also had a very irritating problem with my Fitbit- it refused to update the time and therefore I spent the weekend with my watch on Florida time… while in California. If that doesn’t mess you up, I really don’t know what will. Erica has been having this same problem, with her Fitbit stuck on Chicago time from when we ran the marathon back in October. We’ve both tried everything to no avail. While I’m lucky enough to be stuck in the time zone we live in- her not so much.

Fitbit- get your shit together.

I’m actually considering the Samsung watch- anyone have any thoughts on these?

I digress.


Packet pickup was the normal nonsense and I went through it as quickly as possible simply so I could go and play in the parks. I did pick up a few more things than normal at the expo in regards to merchandise simple for the sake of nostalgia. That being said I bought my usual race weekend magnet, a tervis (I’ve become addicted to them, thanks Carm), and an Infinity Gauntlet Challenge Hat. I’ve become a hat person lately.


The 10k morning started off on an amazing high note when I ran into my favorite human/future wife Ashley-Michelle for what has become something of a tradition for us.


There were a lot of fun characters out the play for the race so I ended up stopping for quite a few photo ops.



I also ended up meeting Loki for the first time ever and let me tell you… I now understand why everyone loves him so much.



Then came the morning of the Half Marathon. This is where it really started to hit me- this is the end. This was the last time I would be crossing the start line at Disneyland.

Now, I know that EVENTUALLY the races will be returning but it’s hard to say what the future holds for me, the races or anything else.

So I was sad. The entire time.

At first I just wanted to get the race over with so I could go back to bed, but once I got going I was feeling good and decided to have some fun. I did a few of the character stops, mostly the ones that weren’t normal meet and greets at the parks. This included visiting Star Lord, Garmora and the Collector’s Assistants once again.

I even stopped to pay a visit to Hawk-Eye because…. Hello there Hawk-Eye.


I’m single- don’t judge me.

Then it all started to sink in.

My final World of Color selfie:


My final run through the castle (I started crying):


One last “Free strangers with Candy” at the unofficial half-way point:


I couldn’t help but stop at their selfie-station:


One final run through Angel Stadium:


What really got me was a spectator with this sign just before the mile 13 mark:


Why you gotta be like this?


Crossing the finish line was a bittersweet moment that I wasn’t ready for. One the plus side, even with all the stopping I was doing I managed to come in under my goal time of 2:30:00. I would have loved to aim for a PR but it just didn’t feel like the day for it.

I will give Disneyland some credit. In an effort to make sure than I didn’t miss them too much- they made sure to be handing out the snack boxes that I hate.




I will say there was a fun highlight to all of this. During the race I happened to be catching glimpses of a couple having the time of their lives during the race- stopping all over, dancing, all sorts of fun nonsense. I happened to think to myself, “these folks are living their best damn lives during this race.”

Turns out I was catching sight of the good folks from “No Strings Running

As we were heading into Angel Stadium, I hear someone yell out “Oh my god, is that Josh Across the Universe” which totally threw me off since I normally get recognized at really weird times… like in bathrooms.

I’m sure there’s a rant about that coming.

Either was it was really fun to meet them and about four miles later, I remembered to grab a selfie with them!


Fun Fact: I love grabbing selfies when I meet fun folks from the interwebs, I’m just horrible at remembering to do so until we’ve gone our separate ways.

What we should have done was grabbed a selfie every time we ran into each other because the next thing we knew, we were running into each other everywhere.

Now I need everyone to go harass them into coming to Florida for a race weekend!

We’ll have to plan a joint adventure soon!

That all said.

It was a great weekend for races. I feel terrible that I spent most of the rest of the weekend exhausted and going through a barrage of anxiety attacks. I really was a hot mess. Big shout out to Erica for putting up with my phone calls.

So there you have it. My final RunDisney Disneyland race weekend review… and now that I think of it, the first because I never wrote up the Light Side 2017 Weekend or the Disneyland Half 2017 Weekend.

Here’s the quick versions: Light Side- lots of fun. Disneyland Half- why is California trying to kill me?

There. All caught up.


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