A RunDisney Expo in 30 Minutes Or Less or It’s Free!

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The title of this post makes no sense but I thought it was funny.

I amuse myself really.


It’s another running weekend and I’m making my triumphant return to the Wine and Dine half marathon weekend!


I took last year off to run the New York City Marathon but this year I am back to check another Disney Challenge off my list. (As you may recall, after the disastrous Wine and Dine 10k-ish of 2015, RunDisney changed the W&D weekend into a challenge one, adding a 10k and moving the races to the morning as opposed to a nighttime marathon)

Erica is in town for the race and we have been adventuring all over the place. So much to update about when there’s a little more time!


As part of our WDW race weekend tradition we started Expo day with a nice breakfast, this morning opting for Kona Café at the Polynesian Resort. I was skeptical to return to Kona since they got rid of my favorite breakfast (The Big Kahuna)  but Erica was making the plans and this is what she chose.

Enter the Seven Sea Samoan.

Poached Eggs with Citrus Hollandaise Sauce on Pulled Pork and Turkey Hash with Mustard Greens and Tomatoes tossed in a Citrus Vinaigrette.


You’re welcome world.

It was so delicious, I had to have the room cleared so that we could be alone together.

It was during breakfast that the course of the day changed for the better. I had pulled up the My Disney Experience App to check something when I discovered that some Fast Passes for Flight of Passage in Pandora had opened up and we snagged those mothers like it was our job.

This gave us a limited amount of time to do the expo and then get our butts to Animal Kingdom for the fast passes.

Challenge. Accepted.

We paid the check while we were still eating and as soon as the plates were cleaned we were out the door (mine was so good, there’s a good chance that I licked my plate clean).

The traffic gods were on our side and we made it to ESPN for the expo in about 15 minutes.

We booked it to the field house screaming “WE HAVE FLIGHT OF PASSAGE FAST PASSES” like idiots about every two seconds.

This let everyone know that we weren’t messing around.


Things had changed this year and all official merchandise was moved to the field house where packet pickup is located. This was convenient as we were not messing around with time. We snagged our bibs and I picked up our pre-ordered merchandise while Erica ran to grab other merch we wanted (magnets, pins, etc.)


So a quick annoying thing that happened. I never received my after-party ticket in the mail and I had called and asked what to do. I was told by the RunDisney representative to check in at Runner’s Relations and they would help me out. Turns out this was the wrong information and the very rude woman directed me to the right place but not without delivering some unnecessary sass my way.

I went to the correct location where I was interrogated like a prisoner of war about my eligibility to have a ticket. I was super annoyed with how I was being treated. Turns out that the ticket was mailed but they failed to put the unit number for my condo on it so it was returned. I was given the same envelope with the return sticker on it that, for some reason, had been opened.

No matter. We had Flight of Passage Fast Passes!

Off to the Josten’s Center for our shirts!

We didn’t need anything from the expo so we booked it.

From the moment we parked to the moment we were back in the car: 25 minutes.


Off to Animal Kingdom where we had more than enough time for our fast passes.


To give everyone perspective: Flight of Passage is an amazing new ride at Animal Kingdom which opened in May. On average the wait time is two hours or more. I am not able to stand in line that long so unless I have a fast pass, I’m not going to be able to do it.


I haven’t been able to ride it since May when we attended the preview for Pandora. Fast Passes book up almost as soon as they open so being able to snag not one, but TWO, is amazing.

If you are looking for a little more information on surviving a RunDisney expo, check out this post here!

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