Chapter Two: Don’t Scream

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I’ve been a fan of horror movies for as long as I can remember. Growing up, the genre was a go-to when we were at the video store (I might be old). My sister and I were obsessed with the likes of Alien, IT, Poltergeist and so many horror classics. It only made sense that the next chapter in the Hot Mess Press story encompassed, not only my favorite genre, but my favorite time of the year.

Back in the day when I was managing at a grocery store, part of my job was decorating for the seasons and holidays. I love this part of my job so I gladly went about it as each season change. Until fall and Halloween came around.

Then shit got real.

I’m actually kind of sad I don’t have any pictures of the decorating I did for the store. But let me tell you, it was something to see.

God help my future neighbors when I buy a house because come Halloween it’s going to be something to see.

For now, the HOA people for my condo community are the worst and don’t believe in fun things.

I’ll show them.

One of the big things I was excited for when the dream of creating Hot Mess Press became a reality, was designing a Halloween collection.

When it comes the theme park inspired clothing companies, a lot of focus is put on Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party so I decided to move in a different direction.

Halloween Horror Nights.

I’m excited to say that this morning the first wave of HHN-inspired shirts hit the shop at 626 Press along with an entirely new web site design.

This has been an extreme labor of love resulting in far too much time watching horror movies, very little free time and a lot of long nights.

I’m going to post a little bit more soon about what’s in the shop so far and what’s to come. I’m really excited to see folks wearing these in the parks soon!

Check out the collection here!

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