Somebody Once Told Me the World Was Gonna Roll Me

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The theme of this past week seems to be “hurry the hell up and wait” which has been the most irritating thing in the entire world.

First, let’s talk about that countdown that was going on over at the Halloween Horror Nights web site. A few weeks ago, the HHN web site announced its soul collector program and began taking names. On the site was a countdown.

I have been staring at that clock for weeks.

A lot of people have been speculating about what the countdown was leading to. Icon reveal? House reveal? Any sort of freaking reveal?

We all stared at that clock.

Well played Universal. Well played.


So the clock counted us down to a sweepstakes.


I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. I feel like Halloween Horror Nights has been leaving us in the dark this year. Perhaps it’s because I’m paying more attention than ever before but we are just shy of a month away from opening night and we only know about three of the houses.

When it comes to an icon, I’m really not expecting one this year. So there’s that.

Then comes the most infuriating waiting game that I was forced to play this week.

A game that I lost.


So I had to order a part for my vacuum cleaner because part of mine magically went missing. Contrary to what my mom would always yell at us, thing apparently do just go missing.

Anyway, I was able to order the part and I’ve been waiting what feels like forever for it.


I’m also notorious for watching tracking information so naturally I’ve been all over FexEx waiting for this package to show up.

The first sign of trouble was when the expected delivery day was pushed back after I spend all day Monday waiting for it to show up.

I really would like to be able to vacuum please.

I spent all Tuesday waiting.

Then I checked the tracker.

Apparently the package had been handed off to the post office and they attempted to deliver it and declared the item undeliverable and are sending it back.


I decided the best course of action would be to call the post office and see if I could get them to deliver the package. Obviously the tracking information was correct so why not find the package and check the address and then deliver it?


Apparently not.

I’m not so much mad about that idea not working so much as I’m pissed at the Post Office employee for being a jerk.

At the best of times I’m not the biggest fan of our mail delivery person. They are generally super lazy and the worst. I’ve had issues with packages because they are too lazy to deliver them to our door when the mail lockers are all full.

They have marked packages are undeliverable simply because there were no lockers. I called BS on it once because the package was a reoccurring shipment that I have received with zero issue for the past two years.

Suddenly it’s undeliverable.


Thankfully the vacuum people were really cool and are sending me a replacement. We double checked the address on file and, no surprise, it’s correct.

But now I have to wait. Again.

According to the tracker it won’t be here for another five days so I’m just going to be slowly decending into madness because I can’t clean.


So there’s where I’m at as a human being.

I have some sample shirts coming as part of the Halloween line for 626 Press. They are set to be delivered Saturday.

Let’s see if it happens.

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