I Need An Old Priest, A Young Priest and a Nap

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Well hello there blog people! It’s been a solid hot minute since I’ve bothered to update. Not for lack of interesting things to write about but, if I’m being honest, I’m lazy.


There’s been a lot going on but not a whole lot at the same time.

My countdown to Halloween Horror Nights continues! I’m excited that they announced a new house this week, welcome Ash vs the Evil Dead to the lineup of houses.


To be completely honest, I had never seen the film that the show plays sequel to but I quickly fixed that. Within about ten minutes of the announcement hitting the internet I was on Vudu buying the movie. I also snagged Season 1 of the show since it would be the basis for the house.

If you’ve never seen the movie. It’s very 80’s horror.

I actually have really been enjoying the show. I’m on the 4th episode now. It’s very campy and the CGI isn’t the greatest but I feel like it fits the theme of the show and the simplicity of the movie.

I approve.


I have, however, learned that there is such thing as horror movie overdose. I’ve been watching them non-stop for a couple weeks and it’s really started messing with my head. At one point, after watching Annabelle, I kept freaking myself out when walking around the house in the dark.


This happened a lot after I saw “Lights Out” and was living alone. I was terrified walking around the house at night.

Because I’m a child.

So during all of this my house has had an infestation of ghost ants because apparently the world thought that would be appropriate.

After trying some over the counter remedies to the situation I decided to get the professionals involved. We also have been seeing a lot more cockroaches than normal so it was for the best.

Let me explain- it’s Florida. Cockroaches happen. I keep my place as clean as possible but when it comes down to it bugs are everywhere, especially here. An off cockroach once and a while it’s out of the ordinary. Normally the cats get to them before I even realize they’re here.

Not lately.

So I called in the pros and the man sprayed and left some bait for the ants. He warned me that we would see “heightened activity” for a couple days as the bug ran away from the poison.

What he didn’t warn me about was the MOTHER-EFFIN RUN OF THE SPIDERS.

Those eight-legged monstrosities wanted nothing to do with the stuff and were coming out of the woodwork.


I was taking my afternoon nap (again: I’m five) and when I woke up there were two big old spiders on the ceiling.

In reality they were probably tiny but I was in NO MOOD for that nonsense.


While we hadn’t been seeing cockroaches, the ants seemed to stick around and they were pissed. And by pissed I pretty much mean they were taking over the house.

I called the bug man back and he laid some more bait for the little jerks.

That seemed to do the trick but not before there were ANTS EVERYWHERE!

After the bug man came I left to run some errands and when I came back the ants had taken the bait.

I snapped a picture because it was gross:


So what you see here are the stupid ants that apparently drowned in the bait or performed some sort of sacrifice to the bait gods. Who knows. They are all clumped there in the middle. Then the smarter ants did what they were supposed to and took the bait back to the queen.

To kill her.


The bug man said we’re seeing more bugs because of how hot it’s been.

I’m convinced that I’ve watched so many movies about demons that I’ve summoned one… and it has arrived in the form of bugs.


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