What Are We Going To Do About Danny?

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With just 74 agony-filled days sitting between me and the opening of Halloween Horror Nights.


This is torture.


To make things worse- it feels like announcements about the event are moving at a snail’s pace.

Granted- I have never paid this much attention before. Last year, I was blindly aware of stuff going on but I wasn’t obsessively checking like I am now.


In preparation I have been watching my fair share of horror movies.

As I write this I’m on the final Saw movie.

I’m an on-again/off-again fan of this series. I really enjoyed the first two and they started to lose my after the third. It really became about the gore and less about substance. By time we got to the third one (in 3D) it was all just nonsense gore.

Splatter porn as it were.


It’s been seven years since the last film came out.

Why watch it now?

To prepare for the next installment of course.

Oh yes.

This year we will see an 8th Saw movie hit the theatres called: Jigsaw.

I have to admit that, despite hating the back end of the series, I am excited to see this.


In addition to watching the Saw movies, I’ve been working with what I know about this year’s event. Last night I watched The Shining for the first time in ages. I don’t think I’ve actually watched the movie all the way through before. It’s one of those movies that’s always on TV but you never full get through in that sitting.


I’m excited about the maze though. I doubt it’ll be my favorite of the year but will still be enjoyable.

I actually wouldn’t even be mad if there was just a string of Stephen King houses.

How intense would that be?

With the remake of ‘IT’ hitting the theatres just one week before the event kicks off, I’d totally be okay with a house dedicated to it.

I would never sleep again but I’d be a happy insomniac!


I might actually watch the original now that Saw VII is winding down.

Also, can I please note how much I hate 3D movies?

I’m at the end now (this installment was made to be 3D from the get-go) and Dr. Gordon just threw the hacksaw out of Hoffman’s reach and it went flying at the camera in a completely unnecessary shot.


Stop that.


So with that all said, I’m on to the next film in my horror marathon.

I’m a big horror buff but I’m also behind the time so hit me in the comments with what movies I should be checking out on this grand adventure!!

Until next time here’s a behind the scenes picture from a recent 626 Press photo shoot we did highlighting the Summer 2017 Collection.


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