Still Kickin’


It’s been a good hot minute since I last updated. Really over two weeks. Most people in the blogging world would refer to that as “blogger suicide” but I call it “ taking a break so I don’t go insane in all aspects of my life.”


That doesn’t really work in text form… has that ever been said in a book?

UPDATE: Apparently there is a way to write that out. I learned it thanks to gifs.


Thanks internet.


The past two weeks have been a bit all over the place and it feels good to be getting back on track.

I really appreciate everyone that has reached out to me, especially over the last couple days, to make sure I was doing all right.

I’m good.


I’ve been working really hard to get back into better habits. I’ve been on and off working out and trying to run more. This is particularly important because I totally have a marathon to run in less than a month.


I’m setting a goal for myself right here and now to get back on track with everything. I’ve been slacking in a lot of areas of my life because I’m terrible at balancing things. You’d think as someone who runs a business I’d be fantastic but you would be wrong.

Someone suggested that I pre-write some blog posts to have them on hand when I’m not up to writing but I can’t see myself doing that.


There’s that.

So I’m going on record now that I’m going to be better about this whole “life” thing. Well as good as I can be.

Here’s a picture of Guinness because I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore.


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