It’s Official, I’m A Living Meme

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At any given point in time, I am a walking anxiety potato and this week seems to be no exception. After bouncing back from a really bad depressive episode a few weeks ago, I went back into life in full force with a newfound vigor and stupidity.

I published a book, got back on track with work, planned out advertising for the fall, began redesigning my web site.

While this all sounds well and good and super productive, it also became stressful because I was doing this all AT THE SAME TIME.

What a fool.

While I’m thrilled with how everything is panning out, I’ve realized there just aren’t enough hours in the day which has lead to me staying up to all hours. This somewhere self-corrected last weekend because of the runDisney races forcing me to sleep but not entirely.

Last week I ended up having a full-on panic attack at my serving job. It was scary because this is the (surprisingly) the first time this has happened since I started there over a year ago. I ended up needing to leave the building and sit outside to catch my breath. I called my friend Nina to help talk me down.

It was either that same night or the next day that this meme popped up into my social media feeds:


Same girl. Same.

So there it is, I became a meme.

Honestly this is just adulthood summed up in the most millennial way possible.

There’s just too much to try and cram into a single day, every day!

Needless to say I’ve managed to overload myself. I know if I wasn’t working part-time as a waiter I would have so much more time to get this all done, but the extra money is nice. It’s actually a big help when it comes to tax time as anyone who is self-employed and terrible at tax stuff can tell you.

I’ve been working on fine-tuning my schedule to make it all work and I have a plan going forward but first I needed to take a reset.

It’s kind of like right before you start your new diet and you go all out on the bad stuff you can’t do anymore.

I did that.

But with life.

I had requested this weekend off when Erica was planning on coming to town but that didn’t pan out. Rather than making myself available I decided to give myself a weekend to relax.

I highly suggest this.

The mission was to not think about or do any work and for the most part I was successful.

Saturday I slept in a bit and did do a little bit of computer work but it was something mindless enough that I could actually watch a movie and accomplish it at the same time.

Carmela was hosting a LuLaRoe pop-up thing party stuff at her house and Andy and I decided it would be a fantastic day for a Dude-Date.

It was super hot yesterday so Disney Springs was the best option. Without any real thought we found our way to my favorite bar at the Springs, Jock Lindey’s Hanger Bar.


Seriously. I’m obsessed.

The Cool-Headed Monkey drink is life and I tried the new lamb sliders. The drink was amazing as always and the sliders were delicious.


I love this bar.

The afternoon was a ton of fun. We went to see Power Rangers and then ended up at Universal’s City Walk (long story on how that jump happened). We grabbed dessert (dinner really) at the Toothsome Chocolate Factory. We both got a delicious shake. Neither of us could finish them.


So much sugar.

My day ended where it began, at Disney Springs. Andy and I had just parted ways when some Instagram friends posted about hanging out at the Springs. We had been clamoring to meet so, why not? The night was a blast and it was really great being able to connect with some folks from online. Normally I hate meeting people because I’m an awkward potato but a good time was had.

Today I decided to have a “Me Day.”

My initial instinct was to spend the day working and getting things ready for this up-coming week and I had to force that out of my head. I needed some magic in my life come hell or high water.

I made breakfast reservations at The Wave which is located in the Contemporary Resort. I love this restaurant. I also have no qualms about doing things alone. I did get some weird looks from the families there but I didn’t care because Eggs Benedict were involved and that took up all of my attention.


Following breakfast I made my way to the Magic Kingdom where I spent the day wandering around, taking in some entertainment. Trolley Show, Move It Shake It Street Party, Friendship Faire, and Festival of Fantasy Parade. It doesn’t sound like much but that took up about five hours.


This was really the magic I needed to feel refreshed. I moved to Florida to be able to go to the parks and I’m starting to feel like I never get to go. Complete first-world problem.

Coming home tonight I felt refreshed. I managed to forget about my ever-growing to-do list for a spell and really enjoy things.

Tomorrow I’m back to the grind where I’m sure I’ll be back to being a living meme within a few hours.

I’m hoping I can carry this into the next week and avoid any attacks.

Time will tell.

MY WEEKLY OBSESSION: This week I have been all about watching Carrie Fisher’s one-woman show Wishful Drinking. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest it. I’m actually watching it right now as I write this. It’s both comforting and sad to be honest. I miss Carrie Fisher a lot. Not just as a Star Wars fan but as someone who suffers from mental illness. This movie is just perfect if you want to right amount of feels and inspiration. You can buy it on Amazon! Also the book is surprisingly cheap, I’m tempted to buy it just to see the differences and maybe get a little more awesomeness. Has anyone read it?

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