Disneybounding the Dark Side; or, Dressing For Your RunDisney Race

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When it comes to getting ready for a RunDisney race, one of the biggest things for some people is the outfit. I have nothing but respect for those who spend an amazing amount of time creating the perfect costume for their race day. I have seen some amazing costumes out there including one group of 101 people dressed as- you guess it- Dalmatians.

It was amazing.

Last January one group was dressed as a Walt Disney World monorail.

How cool is that!

When it comes to my races, I prefer a little more of a “stripped down” approach to dressing up. I still want to look great and fit the theme, but a full on costume isn’t really my cup of tea.

So what’s a guy to do?


I will admit that when it comes to this race weekend, I am feeling a bit unprepared. I’m totally ready to run but I haven’t wrapped my head around what I’m going to wear.

I will be running all three races this weekend but I haven’t a clue what I’ll be wearing for at least two of them. I may just go generic runner outfit but time will tell. Who knows what I may stumble upon at the expo!

Anyway, I wanted to give ya’ll an idea of what it looks like to Disneybound a race rather than going full costume so I’m using my favorite Star Wars race go-to as an example. My Kylo Ren bound!


In true Disneybound fashion, my outfit is not a costume rather than a homage to the character.


Kylo Ren’s color palette is fairly simple which is what makes this such an easy outfit to throw together.

While I couldn’t find some of the exact stuff online (I originally bought the shirt and shorts at Target) I was able to find some of it. You can click on the pictures for a link!

I hope everyone has a blast this weekend and I’ll see ya’ll out there!

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