I’m Like the Beyoncé of Books

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Ok. Do ya’ll remember that time when Beyoncé was like “I’m gonna go ahead and drop an album with no warning whatsoever?” Well, I just pretty much did the same thing.

Not too long ago I got the idea for a book. Not the one I’ve been working on like a maniac. A different one.

Background first:

My primary job is as an Internet Safety and Bullying Prevention Specialist. I spend a good part of the year traveling around the country and speaking at schools on those topics as well as conducting workshops for parents and educators.

For years now, people have been after me to write a book on the subject and the time finally came.


Today was that day.

As of Tuesday morning my first ever book “Cyberbullying: Perpetrators, Bystanders & Victims” is finally, officially available to order in paperback and for e-readers.

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The process was an intense one to be sure and I’ve learned a lot about what the process is going to be like for when I’m ready to publish my BIG project “You’re Doing It Wrong.” It’s also inspired me to do more in terms of writing on the topics I speak on and perhaps more.

As for this book I’m really proud of it. I definitely don’t think it’s perfect and I say as much in the introduction. Cyberbullying and bullying in general are tough topics to write about and I had the challenge of not making it boring. Rather than stretch it out like most books on the topic do, I focused on making it short and sweet.

It was really hard no writing it in the style that I write my personal blog. Though there’s a chance my professional blog is going to see a style change since I’ve gotten into a habit… time will tell.

Moving on.

It’s a great book for parents and educators so please feel free to share it with your friends! You can check it out on Amazon, just click here! Or here. Or even here!

I’m painfully excited about this if you couldn’t tell.

I’m going to go take a nap.

Or here.

1 comments on “I’m Like the Beyoncé of Books”

  1. Way to go, Josh! Your book sounds like one that is so vital in this age of technology and social media, and is one many will learn from. As someone who dreams to write a book, and is currently working on one, your post is very inspiring to me!!


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