The Game of Thrones Season 7 Promo Has Me Shooketh

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Okay. Clearly nothing productive is going to happen today because every time I settle in to get something done the internet throws something awesome my way.

Also, for the record, spell check is telling me that “shooketh” is not a word but I saw it in a viral video so it must be real because those are the rules of the internet.

Prime example is the official Game of Thrones Season 7 Promo which is currently making the rounds just about everywhere.

Check it out:

Now I will admit that I joined the Game of Thrones game well into the shows run. I ended up binge watching the first four seasons during a week where I was sick on the couch. I was hooked.

I still feel personally victimized by the Red Wedding.

To say I’m excited for this next season would be an understatement. The day they finally announced that the season would FINALLY begin on July 16th I pretty much needed to sit down.

Now I will admit I was very back and forth with season 6 as it seemed like it took forever to get anywhere but when we finally did, the shit hit the fan.

This is what makes this promo so exciting. With only two, shortened, seasons left for the show, we have finally begun to narrow in on who will hold the one ring to rule them all… or whatever.

The promo says a lot as it focuses on Cersei, Jon Snow, and Daenerys taking a long walk to take their place on their respective thrones. For Cersei it is the much sought-after iron throne which she totally deserves for the time being. If you don’t agree why don’t you go ahead and rewatch last season’s finale.

Cersei is officially out of fucks to give.

But winter is coming as we saw towards the end when everyone’s favorite ice queen (sorry Elsa) takes a breath.


Let’s not forget the Night King who is still a bit of an enigma in the grand scheme of things. While the trailer leads me to believe we will be spending a great deal of time focusing on Cersei, Jon and Daenerys, let’s not forget that blue-eyed zombie dude.


It’s going to be an insane season and I can’t wait!

Still not on board with Game of Thrones? You can pick up the first season on Amazon for a really great price!

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