Be the Aloha You Wish to See in the World

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Hello, my name is Josh and it has been four years since I’ve stepped foot on a Hawaiian Island.

I am lucky enough to be able to travel all over for work and I will never get tired of the grand adventures that I am able to go on. Back in 2013 I was lucky enough to visit the Hawaiian islands not once, but twice in the same year. On my second visit, I was hired to work on three of the islands: Maui, Hawai’I and O’ahu.

Anyone who knows me knows that Lilo and Stitch is by far one of my favorite movies and being able to travel the islands was so much fun. (I’ll be completely honest though, O’ahu was my least favorite island on account of all the tourists).

So why the random post about Hawaii?

Well, Moana came out on blu-ray today and the first thing I did today was run to Target to buy it.


Not ever close to kidding.

Woke up.

Remembered it was Moana Day.

Ran to Target.

Barely remembered to put pants on.

I did decide to be somewhat productive afterwards by getting a haircut and going to Starbucks.


I promptly returned home and popped that sucker into the player.

As proof, right after I wrote that line, I snapped this picture.


Can you spot Pua?

I bought him after seeing him in Disneyland last September and falling in love.



Watching Moana led me to reminiscing about my time in Hawaii and I decided to hunt down some pictures from my time there.

Now, I know that Moana is a Polynesian story more than a Hawaiian one but the two go hand in hand. The Polynesian islands cover a massive stretch of the planet. So please don’t come after me with any crazy nonsense.

I’m too tired.

My love for everything about the experience of getting to explore the islands knows no equal. Part of me wishes that I was one of those crazy big time bloggers who get those awesome sponsored trips to far off places because I would totally love to go and explore more of the islands of Polynesia.

Go ahead and add that to the bucket list.

For now, I’m getting ready for a rousing trip to Wisconsin for work. Perhaps as a goal for this upcoming year I’ll start setting aside some money for another grand adventure.

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