People Forget About Wine?

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Ok. It’s one of those nights where, at one point, I’m sure I had something wonderful and profound to write but it hasn’t come. Now it’s 1:30 in the morning and I should probably just go to bed but I can’t and I’m watching Saving Mr. Banks.

Well, that’s a lie. Saving Mr. Banks just ended. Now I don’t know what to watch.


I was scrolling down my Twitter feed when a strange ad popped up.



Not an add. Turns out I follow these people.

Who knew.

Anyway, this tweet showed up.


At first I thought it said “Never Forget to Drink Wine Again” and I was mildly insulted at the implication that I would EVER forget to drink wine.

Joke’s on you Twitter, I’m drinking wine right now.

Me- 1 Twitter-0

So apparently, I have been following these people and it turns out that it’s an app for tracking wine that you drink.

If we’re being honest, I probably went on a “follow anyone with wine in their name spree.”

I scrolled through their feed and did find some pretty interesting suggestions?

This will be the fanciest Netflix and chill EVER! Who’s with me?

But I can’t really see the need for a wine tracking app. Maybe it’s just me?

Like, I’m drinking a bottle of Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet which is a red blend. It’s one of my favorites. Really any of the Cupcake Vineyards wines are delicious and everyone should be drinking them.

Please note that I said bottle and not glass. Because I’m not a quitter.

From there I’m a red wine kind of guy.

When I buy wine (at Target…always at Target) I’m usually sticking to what I know unless I’m feeling fancy or I see something new with a flashy label.


I buy wines based on their labels. That’s how you get me wine people. Make a label that catches my attention.

So there’s that. When it comes to going out I really only drink wine when I’m at a nicer restaurant. Like at Disney or… Disney…

I really only seem to drink a glass of wine when I’m eating a nice dinner at Disney.

Otherwise bring me a damn Margarita.

Or three.

Anyway. I typically gear myself to the red section and it’s usually going to be a Pinot Noir or… well that’s really it. That’s a lie, I’ll do a Chianti.


Bring me red.

I guess my point of this all is that I really don’t understand the need for a wine tracker? Maybe I’m just not fancy enough.

I also tend to have a better memory than this jackass:

First off. You already have wine ON THE TABLE. Second, I hate you.

For those keeping track, I’m done with Saving Mr. Banks and I’ve moved on to Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher’s one-woman show. It’s been one of those nights and this movie is one of my favorites.

I miss Carrie Fisher.

Bottom’s up ya’ll.

This is only my first glass.

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