I Want to Be A Drunk Panda

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So, I was reading a recent blog post by my absolute favorite blogger, Jenny Lawson. Jenny and I have a ton in common but one thing that stands out the most is our constant battle with spellcheck and both of our inability to use words that we can mutually agree exist.

On a recent post she wrote the following “PS. Spellcheck keeps trying to change “randos” to “pandas” and now I can’t stop thinking of pandas carrying my book bag around.  These are the moments I wish I was better at photoshop.”

So this got me thinking in a way that only I could at 2:30 in the morning.

Once I receive the book bag from Jenny (you can get one too!) I plan on doing a photoshoot dressed as a Panda, carrying around the bag.

For some reason though I decided that I need to be a Panda who is toting around bottles of wine and being a general weirdo.

But then while I was shopping onsies on Amazon I discovered that one seller not only had Panda onsies, but a variety of animals.


This lead me to the obvious conclusion that I need to purchase multiple animal onsies for this wine drinking animal photo shoot.

Ya’ll. I’m thinking calendar.


Well the one problem is figuring out how to pay for twelve animal onsies to do this calendar shoot.

I wonder how that would go over on GoFundMe?

I feel the need to also mention to everyone that I am stone cold sober right now and if sober me thinks this is a good idea then it’s a safe bet that it’s a fantastic idea.

Now to find the funding for what is an obviously fantastic idea.

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