Running Dopey: Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2017

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Saturday morning.

I woke up around 7am to thunder and lightning, as predicted, outside my window.

The right call was made to cancel the race. The storm that had started the night before as I was writing my blog post was in full force when I woke up and heading towards Disney.

I turned to social media to check out what was going on and while there was some grumbling, people were understanding.

This was the first time in runDisney’s history that a race had been cancelled.

In an amazing show of sportsmanship, people were up and running around the resorts to get in their 13.1 miles and earn their bling. People were jumping on treadmills or doing whatever else they could to get in their miles.

I did not.

I made a very conscious decision to listen to my body and take the day off.

Earlier in the week I had started to feel a cold brewing. I worked hard to fight it off but it was lingering and that icky feeling in the back of my throat had returned on Friday night. The last thing I wanted to be doing was running in the rain. With work and the Rebel Challenge in Disneyland next weekend, it didn’t make sense to put my health at risk.

Additionally we had been up late not only because of the race stuff but Erica’s flight home had been cancelled because of weather up north and we were figuring out what to do to get her home. We were both tired and cranky by time we rolled into bed.

We slept in for a bit before heading to Hollywood Studios for a lunch reservation. The weather was cool and we did get hit but some quick rain but nothing too bad.

It was truly awesome to see people out and about, running.

I decided to turn my frown upside down and spread some good vibes for the day. I had packed some goodies from Give Back to Disney in my backpack and used to opportunity to share some magic with cast members. It was a good time.


We jumped on Tower of Terror for a morning wake up. As we left we ran into Meg and Dave and ended up riding again.

Why not?

After a run on Rockin Roller Coaster we joined up with Andy and Carmela for lunch reservations as 50’s Prime Time Diner. Always a good time.

We all parted ways following lunch and Erica and I headed home to relax and get me properly rested for the marathon the following morning.

After a quick dinner of my usual pre-race meal, it was off to bed.

Naturally, I got no sleep.

[Featured Image Copyright Disney/RunDisney]

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