Running Dopey: Walt Disney World 5k 2017

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After months of training and subtle denial, the time has come to run the Dopey Challenge. As you can surmise from last Friday’s post, the weekend didn’t go exactly as planned.

We’ll get to that.

Following the expo on Wednesday I spent the day relaxing as best I could and getting some work done around the house. That night is was my job to rescue Erica from the airport and then immediately go to bed. By immediately I mean I went to bed around 12:30am for a 3:30 wake up.

With the 5K beginning at 6:00am my wake-up call was a mind-numbing 3:30am. Erica joined me for the race to cheer me on. The early wake up and departure stemmed from having to commute to Epcot for the race. The drive is only about 15 minutes but with traffic and security we wanted to be safe. This also allowed for a nap in the car once we got to the parking lot.

At the designated time, I jumped into my Corral and began the waiting. For this 5k there were only 6 corrals total which were then broken into smaller waves, released every 2 minutes to help ease congestion on the course.

Now, I have only ever run one other Disney 5k which was the Expedition Everest Challenge back in it’s final running in 2015.

I’m not a fan.

In general, I don’t typically do 5k’s but Disney one’s are particularly frustrating. The event is not timed and the corral assignments are quite haphazard. With the Challenge runners, our placement is based on times while everyone else is there to fill in the gaps. This led to a lot of frustration on my part when I heard Rudy say “GO” and we weren’t going anywhere fast.

I have said that I run Disney for the experience but when it came to the 5k I just wanted it over with so I could go back to bed. I had three more days of running to think about and I didn’t need to stretch this out any longer than necessary.

I’m totally happy that so many people are out doing something active and taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle. So happy for them. I just wish they would seed themselves accordingly. It was painfully annoying when the family directly in front of my in the corral boasted about being in “B” despite knowing they would be taking an hour to finish. Either move to a different corral or put yourself in the back of ours.


Aside from my frustration in the first mile, the next two went quickly. I did stop for a photo-op in front of Spaceship Earth and then again for Goofy since I was dressed up as him. It only made sense.

GOOFY!!! My outfit is considered a Disneybound. I’ll write more on that later.

I crossed the finish line around the 28-minute mark and was baffled to see they were still releasing runners. It made sense in the end but there’s something satisfying about finishing before people have even started.

I felt like a badass.

Not really.

I met up with Erica and we headed home.

With Erica only being in town for a few days, I went against expert advice and packed each day with something to do, meaning a lot of time on my feet in the parks.

After a nap we headed to the Contemporary Resort for breakfast at The Wave. If you haven’t eaten there for breakfast, you must. Eggs Benedict and sweet potato pancakes. Need I say more? Book yours today.

Following breakfast we headed to the Magic Kindgom for a day in the park. We partook in the Move It, Shake It, Dance and Play It Street Party where Erica refused to Party Up with me so I awkwardly danced alone. The awkward was me dancing. I’m often alone so that’s fine.

We hit up Pirates of the Caribbean and began to wander, looking for a place to sit for the festival of Fantasy Parade. As luck would have it, a friend who works at the park stopped me and we were plopped into a special reserved viewing area. We giggled like small children watching the parade, waving at familiar faces.

Rather than stay for our next FastPass we decided to get Erica over to the Expo to pick up her bib for the half marathon. We wandered the expo floor for a bit and I bought some gels for my marathon run. We happened over to the New Balance booth to check out the newly released runDisney shoes.

I was promptly suckered into buying the Space Mountain ones. I love them and they are mine.

Next stop was dinner at Portabello at Disney Springs. We had never been and it was a good time. Another meal I recommend you give a try.

Following dinner I quite literally turned into a tired, whiny child so we headed home and I was in a coma by 8:30.

So concludes day 1 of the Dopey Challenge.

[Featured Image Copyright Disney/RunDisney]

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