What’s Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a giant goat creature that will DEVOUR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!




So it’s Christmas Eve and everyone is getting ready for the big day. Last minute shopping. Traveling. Cooking.

All of it is happening.

The big topic of conversation this past week revolved around favorite Christmas movies. All my friends both online and off has posed the question and I realized it isn’t something I’ve ever given much thought to.

Growing up, I don’t think there was one film that I just HAD to see during the holiday season. We were big on the classics like Rudolph and Frosty. One movie we really loved growing up was Prancer.

Does anyone remember Prancer?

Moment of honesty- I’ve never seen nor do I care much about It’s A Wonderful Life.

Apparently “White Christmas” is another big one I haven’t seen.

There’s the millennial favorite of Elf. If I’m being honest I just got through watching “The Santa Clause” on Netflix.

Who doesn’t love “Love Actually?”

…another moment of honesty… I don’t think I’ve seen it all the way through…

Also can we talk about “A Christmas Story”?

Has anyone actually watched this movie? In full? All at once?

Every year one of the cable stations (TBS?) plays it for 24 hours. My family would have it on in the background of the day. Now I am certain that I have seen the entire movie but not in one sitting. Over the course of the day I’ll stop and catch snapshots of it.

I know the story. I know what happens.

But truth-be-told I have not sat and watched that movie all at once in a single sitting.

I’m convinced no one ever has… or ever will.

You’ll shoot your eye out…

Spoiler alert: he does.

I think.

Now, as I mentioned, I have been taking full advantage of the holiday favorites on Netflix.

But we’ve reached Christmas Eve.

Whatever will I watch? What is my favorite Christmas movie?

Well we need to flash back to last year.

For Christmas 2015 my family met up in Georgia for a holiday with my mom and my brother-in-law’s family. On Christmas Eve we decided to go see a movie and I was asked to pick.

This is never a good idea.

My mom wanted something to get us in the holiday spirit and I knew just the thing. A recently release Christmas film that I had seen a week prior and was madly in love with.

A lovely, family film.


Haven’t seen it? Here’s the trailer:

I might have neglected to share this with my family before dragging them to see it.

Thankfully, my family is as twisted as I am and they loved it.

So, what is my favorite Christmas movie? It’s Krampus. I love it.

When I come home from work this evening, I’ll be opening a bottle of wine and popping in Krampus to enjoy the night before Christmas.

Is this how holiday traditions are born? My future family is doomed.


Merry Krampus ya’ll!

EDIT: Please note that the Krampus movie you see on Netflix is NOT the one I’m talking about. It’s one of those fake, low budget knock off’s designed to make you mad. You’ll have to find it in Red Box or on Vudu or Amazon. Just don’t watch the Netflix one. I don’t want you to be sad on Christmas.

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