Running Crazy: Chicago Marathon- Take 2

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If you happen to be friends with or follow a runner on social media, you know that Tuesday was kind of like Christmas for runners. The Chicago Marathon announced the results of their runner lottery and a select 40,000 people were made very happy.

Now, I have mentioned a couple times now that I am not the biggest fan of runn

I happened to be working out in my Chicago shirt when I got the email. Two years in a row running Chicago!

ing marathons. My friend Erica absolutely loves them but I just don’t find the same thrill. Yes, I’m guaranteed to sob like a baby upon each finish but that’s mostly tears of joy that the torture has ended.
That being said, I am very excited to say that I am going to be running the Chicago Marathon for the second year in a row, being one of many celebrating the race’s 40th running.

Yeah. Complete 180 right there.

Of the four marathons I have run to date, Chicago is the one I enjoyed the most.

Sure, it didn’t have the energy and crowds of New York or the entertainment and familiar faces of Walt Disney World but it was a beautiful day and a flat race (minus that evil as all get-out uphill jaunt in the final mile).

I’m excited to return this coming year because not only did I receive entry but Erica did as well. Part of the reason I entered in the lottery in the first place is because she was. If I’m going to suffer, I’d rather suffer with her.

That’s kind of where I’ve come to with marathons. I love to travel for races and Erica does as well. So if there’s a big race she wants to go to, I’m willing to go along. And since I’m there, I might as well run.

This is what I look like when very dehydrated and just finished a marathon.Note the headband tan line. 

Plus I’ve decided to take a different view of marathons. I love running halves but they’ve become something I can do causally with minimal effort. Sure, some are easier than others but I’ve definitely fallen into a state of complacency with them.

Marathons are butt-kickers. So why not get my butt kicked every once and a while? For 2017 I already have three marathons on my schedule starting with Walt Disney World in January and culminating in the Chicago Marathon in October.

I’m forgoing any thoughts of a repeat of the New York Marathon in favor of giving the Wine & Dine half marathon another try at Walt Disney World. (My first year running W&D was the year of Splash & Dash, second year was the famed 10k-ish race).

Maybe I’ll return to NYC again but it was easily one of my least favorite races as it was mentally exhausting.

Who knows.

I definitely have my eye on Marine Corps Marathon. And Boston. And Seattle. Because I love Seattle.

I’m obviously a masochist, let’s be honest.

Anyway. Congratulations to all those running Chicago in 2017! I look forward to seeing you all out there!

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